ESC to close 3.39 (by 354 users)mei le jia you ai qing mian qian mei ge ren dou cheng le dan xiao gui zhi hao duo zai zi ji de wang guo li shua ku dang guo wang 美樂。加油 愛情面前每個人都成了膽小鬼 只好躲在自己的王國裡耍酷當國王
  • 2011
  • TV series
  • Taiwan

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romanized mei le jia you
english Love Keeps Going
literal Mei Le, Go
aka mei lok ga yau, ai shang cha mei le, 爱上查美乐, 美乐。加油


romanized ai qing mian qian mei ge ren dou cheng le dan xiao gui zhi hao duo zai zi ji de wang guo li shua ku dang guo wang

Based On

based on novel
title wang de lian ge
author Dan Fei Xue (單飛雪)


genres comedy, romance


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV series
network CTV


date 05 Jun, 2011 - 28 Aug, 2011
episodes 13
duration 90 minutes
air day Sunday
at 22:00 - 23:30
status finished


avg. score 3.39 of 5 by 354 users
total users 744
rating 1201
favorites 7



As a little girl, Cha Mei Le was always left out by her family because she was quite stupid and not as mature as her brother. One night she had a nightmare in which her parents were fighting and wishing for a divorce, finally leaving her alone in the house. From now on, she wanted to be a good kid to her mother -- who really divorced her husband -- and took every test possible. In the end, now a young woman, she purchases almost every license possible and has gained a lot of experience. On the street she meets a young man who is an art teacher and they fall in love with each other. The dream of Han Yi Feng is to own a bakery. Mei Le wants to help him so he can fulfill his dream, but her whole life turns upside down when she meets Yi Feng's younger brother, Han Yi Lie, who is a famous but arrogant and spoilt music composer.


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Han Yi Lie
Cha Mei Le
Han Yi Fei
Han Yi Feng
Xiao Zhi
Guo Xuan Xuan




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28 Apr, 2012
Both dramas are about girls who were left by their boyfriends. Both girls had a hard childhood and didn't know how to be themselves. They meet rude, popular guys who help them to realize what they want from their life.


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kanedamomiya 01 Jan, 2014
They are 26 episodes, not 13.
eriinnye 04 Jan, 2013
It was really random ^^ They put just too much in this drama ... T.T
And I don't know if I am the only one who thinks so, but Mike's acting was worse than in other dramas I've watched with him. Or maybe it was always like this but I was blended by his good looks ^^
rozendoll 17 Nov, 2012
the best drama what i ever seen ;) I really love it.
Cyndi at this drama is amazing. Her face, smile, and songs... OMo~ loooooove~

the 2 last ep. was have same history like at WhyWhyLove or other drama with Mike He. Hes sick and lost and lying a his gf .... blah blah...

That was annoying~!!!!!!
meow 17 Oct, 2012
Muito amor!
vanelya10 03 Aug, 2012
the drama was really great...really loved it :P
but the was so frustrating but it worked out great :P
really happy that i saw it
mikomi0e 02 Jul, 2012
The director is weird for putting spoilers between the commercials. Xuan Xuan is weird, the character isn't mean or nice. Yi Lie's feelings towards Mei Le are weird (when did it actually start?!). The sister's stomach became so big is also being weird. The acting of Yi Feng is the weirdest. xD

Don't get this, watched it out of curiosity but ended up dropping it.
istarith 26 May, 2012
~The end was kinda bizarre and confusing, It's like they crammed 5 episodes worth of material into 1 episode... ~
~But I can say that: the actors had real chemistry, it was an interesting story line and if u ignore the end, everything was likable~
~Wang Xin Ling's acting skills have become much better(on the Momo Love she was like a lamp so I am a bit impressed)~
~He Jun Xiang was the reason for watching this drama and he didn't disappoint me...~
tuma91 13 Apr, 2012
Ahh..Mike He..How I looves you! lol I haven't watched T-dramas in a while, but after watching "Drunken to Love You", I started missing Mike He something fierce as it was weird seeing Rainie, Kingone, but no Mike! So I went hunting for some newer series starring Mike He and lo and behold, I found "Love Keeps Going".

I really enjoyed this one. To begin with, the love between Mike He and Cyndi Wang was so authentic. This wasn't the funny, fluffy, playful love stories you see in many romantic comedies, but a real love strengthen by adversity and near tragedy.

Speaking of adversities and tragedies, the plot was very well scripted and totally sucked you in. The characters were all very developed and were "real" people on screen--some you love (like Yi Fe and Yu Cheng), some you hate (like Mother Han and the manager) and the really special ones that you at first hate, but then come to love (Xuan Xuan).

The soundtrack was okay, nothing spectacular (like City Hunter's >_< God, I loved the soundtrack for that!), but it wasn't horrid.

Only small downside, I can think of is the very ending. I think things were wrapped up a little too neatly, too quickly. One more episode would have probably been perfect. Also, I hate the fact that the series ended without showing Mike's face! I won't say any more and risk giving spoilers, but it was just a bit upsetting! lol

Overall, Love Keeps Going is a definite must watch. Worth 13 hours of your precious life! SO, what are you waiting for? GO WATCH IT! Look, I'm even making it easy and providing a link.