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  • 35
  • Japan
  • actor, director, screenwriter, voice actor, narrator

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name Oguri Shun
native 小栗旬


sex male
occupation actor, director, screenwriter, voice actor, narrator


on 26 Dec, 1982 (35)
at Kodaira, Tokyo, Japan


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total users 2705
rating 10331
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Yamada Yuu
33, female


Debuted on the small screen when he was 13. Apart from being an actor, is also a voice actor for animations and often takes on roles in stage plays such as 'Hamlet', 'Titus Andronicus' and upcoming 'A Clockwork Orange'.

Oguri Shun married Japanese actress Yamada Yuu on March 14th, 2012.


Sakata Gintoki
Present Me
Sakata Gintoki
Tadokoro Keita
Inami Akira
Okuyama Keisuke

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This person has no music roles yet.




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mashida 11 Sep, 2010
@fcl. lmao dude, u mad ?
calm down(:
you want a cookie? :D

anywayz i wrote this comment a long time ago lol.

"And no, we don't have to respect others' opinions if we can clearly see they are retards. They are the one's who should respect us who actually use their brains to correct others' delusional ideas."

lol. thank you for calling me a retard. =)
i'm not even going to debate with a person like you.
i thought that ppl in this website were respectful. i guess i was wrong. :|

if you don't like Oguri, get over it(: it's not the end of the world if not everyone share the same opinion. it's life buddy.

look at @hideki. he find Oguri talentless, but he doesn't insult ppl.

seriously, we're all here because we have the same hobby, and it's to watch dramas. ppl like to share their different opinions and to discuss. and we all want to have a good time in this website. so please, stop calling people retards here or insult them. it's not nice and it's definitely not helping. :P
have a nice day ;-) peace.
hideki 11 Sep, 2010
Messages not to the point, like 'I wonder who is the idiot', without any clarification or reason why you think so, will be deleted.

Let me stress my opinion again: this guy can't act for the life of him. Check out aikurushii. Really. Watch it, every chapter, and tell me he's not a talentless person.
nightrainboww 11 Sep, 2010
I remember liking him at first. But the more I watch his shows, the more the stars decrease. Maybe I should stop before he goes from 2 stars to 1?
anitnelav 07 Sep, 2010
Haha, well, since everyone is throwing their two cents in, then might as well throw mine. x]

In terms of looks, I do think that he looks fabulous as a bad boy, and also with short hair (especially in the shiseido uno fog bar CM's).

But the more dramas/movies that I watch with him in it, the more I notice that his role has always been the same.. either the quiet type or the tsundere type.

He needs more variety of roles.
authenticdivine 07 Sep, 2010
Wow, check this debate out... So I'm gonna throw in my own two cents: he's an okay enough actor, but not good enough to be ranked so high up.
flcl 06 Sep, 2010
Hahaha what are y'all talking about? His acting abilities? what? All roles I saw him in he seemed like autistic prettyboy. All his roles are same, he lacks personality in his roles. You are all saying he is good actor because of his looks but that is irrelevant to acting skills.

@malice, was his role/personality in Crows Zero any different than in his other dramas? NO! Hell no. It was all the same so how in the hell does that role prove his acting skills? Only change I noticed was his badboy look, and this makes you say he is a good actor? You really are a retard. I hope you aren't older than 12 years.

@mikomi0e, LOOOOL we have another retard here! "Only the fact that Shun played so many different roles really good proves his acting skills." First of all, he didn't play them good, secondly, yeah he has many roles. Now turn your brain on, what kind of dramas is he in? What kind of people like him? What kind of people think he is good at acting? No, you are wrong, 13 year old girls. The REASON he is in so many roles is because of people like you, he is good looking so why wouldn't they use him? His damn acting is totally irrelevant in that business, they only need looks in dramas he plays in. I never imagined someone could be that stupid.

@nomadicwriter, how dare you talk back to Hideki? You are so wrong, one's acting abilities aren't based on people's opinions, it's a skill... You heard about Tiger Woods? Excellent golfer and lots of people agree. Recently he has lost some of his fans though, Now You Tell Me, is he a bad golfer now? Once again, good actor is a good actor, good golfer is a good golfer. Also, in Crows Zero, You saw the movie? Noticed how Oguri Shun barely acted? All he did was do few fighting scenes, you barely heard him talk. I think he isn't suited for roles other than those. And the roles he do are usually only average if even that. So you can't say he is a good actor based on that, however, you can say he is a bad actor based on that.

@xdsmile, We will continue to hate Oguri Shun until he makes a good role. Keep hating us and wait for a good role by him, I will.

"And the good look of him you'r talking about!
I don't think he is handsome at all =_="

Are you living in a lie? Or are you just stupid? Retard? If not for his looks, then for what do you like him? It's pretty clear that he can't act, yet you say you don't like his looks, now I'm starting to wonder what's wrong with you.

BTW, It's Kajiura Yuki, not Kajura Yuki.

"I respect your opinions of course, however I don't understand it ^^" The reason why you don't understand our opinion, well I don't have to repeat myself anymore. And why do you smile at it?

@mashida, ""have no idea how people even like him" .. excuse me, but I thought that we have personnal taste ? :S not everyone likes the same person, no? so you can respect the opinion of other persons, right? ", Like I mentioned earlier, one's acting skills aren't based on opinion, skill is skill, but of course it's fine saying that if you only talk about his looks but I think you were talking about his acting skills. And no, we don't have to respect others' opinions if we can clearly see they are retards. They are the one's who should respect us who actually use their brains to correct others' delusional ideas.


@Hideki, "I don't really like him either. I mean, come on. He was -awful- in hana yori dango, all he did was smile as if he knew a secret no one else didn't."

ROFL. So true.
digot 30 Aug, 2010
He's my favorite J actor...I love his acting abilities!AMAZING!!!
xdsmile 17 Aug, 2010
@hideki: I don't think what you said is right! Oguri did a great job in tajoumaru, however the plot was extremely bad. Saying that made me remember Kajura Yuki if you know her, she is a great composer however she usually made osts for STUPID animes, so the quality of the anime got nothing to do with Kajura's,it doesn't affect her work,she did her best. But the bad still bad, the same goes for Oguri and his film.
Well just an opinion ^^