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  • producer, director, screenwriter, original creator, cinematographer, planner, character designer, animation director, storyboard creator

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name Miyazaki Hayao
native 宮崎駿
aka Telecom, Akitsu Saburou, Terekomu, 秋津三朗, 照樹務


sex male
occupation producer, director, screenwriter, original creator, cinematographer, planner, character designer, animation director, storyboard creator


on 05 Jan, 1941 (77)
at Tokyo, Japan


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Miyazaki Gorou
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Miyazaki Hayao, a prominent film director and animator (as well as manga artist) in Japan, is the cofounder of Studio Ghibli. His works have gained international fame and won many awards.



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director, screenwriter, original creator
screenwriter, planner
screenwriter, planner
director, screenwriter, original creator
director, screenwriter
director, screenwriter



Director Miyazaki Hayao Retires; The New President Of Ghibli Hoshino Announced In Venice discordia 4 posts 02 Sep, 2013 by zaharisa
World-famed animation director Miyazaki Hayao has been announced to retire from making feature films. The announcement was made by the new president of Stud...


missiealice 29 Jun, 2017
Gênio, com merecida nota 5!!
Random chan 09 Feb, 2016
I think I agree with purefault to some degree but at the same time I don't. I think that some of his films are really amazing while others are not so much. But my view on his works changed a lot after I watched a documentary about him. I got to understand more of what he tries to say rather than plainly watch it. Not all of his films are enjoyable and eventful but there is no need for something to be eventful to be good or to be of certain value. Miyazaki is a master of slow action XD.
purefault 23 Jun, 2015
@kirtil Even trying to seek something out, sometimes I find nothing. I did just watch When Marnie Was There (思い出のマーにー) and thought it was pretty good, although Miyazaki didn't direct this one (still a Ghibli film). They're just kinda hit or miss for me. I'm only a little over 2 years away from 30, so I don't think seeing them again will make much difference. It's just my personal taste. I know a lot of them are about how childhood can be magical, but out of the Miyazaki films I've seen, only Mononoke-hime and The Wind Rises felt like they had more substance. Just to me, though.
I do like simple and light-hearted at times, anyway.
kirtil 22 Jun, 2015
@purefault maybe re-visit them again when you are 30, 40... I am sure you will find different things you missed.
The thing about him is he never force feeds you something. You need to seek it out, and if you can't or don't want to; you will still watch something simple and good, lighthearted and fairly enjoyable as you say.
purefault 01 Jun, 2015
Maybe it's because I never saw any of his films until I was already in my mid-20's, but I found most of his works to feel kinda empty... simple, often light-hearted, fairly enjoyable - yes... but without much actual substance. I did find some depth to Mononoke-hime, though. I do see why many, many people revere him, and Studio Ghibli puts out very high-quality animation for sure.
daredaniel 28 Jun, 2014
1. Kiki's Delivery Service 9
2. Princess Mononoke 8
3. Castle in the Sky
4. Spirited Away
5. My Neighbor Totoro
6. Howl's Moving Castle
7. The Wind Rises
8. Ponyo 7
9. Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro
10. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
11. Porco Rosso 6
Random chan 10 Sep, 2013
@xdsmile @thefreak :D I'm evil and I didn't cry. I think he made a good choice and I respect that. I don't think that Ghibli will have another icon like him though. Maybe the next generation will find someone else who "defines" ghibli.
xdsmile 10 Sep, 2013
@Random chan NOOOOO, TT__________________________TT
his late works were good too, please come back ;_;