ESC to close 3.34 (by 528 users)goemul 괴물
  • 2006
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized goemul
english The Host
literal Monster


genres drama, suspense, sci fi


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 27 Jul, 2006
duration 119 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.34 of 5 by 528 users
total users 717
rating 1766
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Due to chemical waste being dumped in Seoul's Han River something goes wrong and the river's species are affected of which one mutates into a monster, which is several meters long and takes pleasure in killing people. Evacuation and isolation is the remedy the state and government order. But there are still living people who're left behind.


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Park Nam Il
Park Nam Ju
Park Hyeon Seo
Park Gang Du
Park Hui Bong
Se Jin


director, screenwriter
costume designer


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25 Dec, 2012
This is my first time ever watching such a movie, Honest truth I really wouldn't be into thee kinds of movies on my own. It's not the kind of a story I'd look upon my own. This movie aired here on Norwegian tv with subs so I decided to give it a go. This review will be written from my own point of view on the movie.

First to start it off. I can't say I was to impressed about the music shown in the movie. I didn't expect much upon it, Still it wasn't too much to brag about the music. I felt that some of the music was just there and might not really be to fitting upon the scenes it was added into.

The story progressed kinda as expected from having read the review. I felt that most of the movie went to revolve about the main girl. I liked the movie for its storyline and acting. The actors did a really good job upon acting out the different characters. The story basically revolves around Park Hyun Seo. A young girl who by a mistake gets taken away by a mutated monster from the sea upon her father making a mistake grabbing the wrong persons hand while trying to flee. By the time he notices it is already to late to go and get her back as the monster already is right behind her about to take her. Her father starts grieving as he believes he has lost his only daughter. Later that night upon being admitted to the hospital he recieves a call from his daughter saying she is stuck hiding in the sewers and that she is alive. An ask for help turns into a family mission as her entire family heads out to find Park Hyun Seo. And it doesn't make things easier that the korean society aswell as police officers are out to catch their family because of a possibly deadly virus they may have gotten. The story takes on unexpected twists and it will show you just how strong a family bond really is, Aswell as the bond between a father and a daughter.

The genres of the movie were, Comedy, Drama and Horror.

I can understand why they put in the comedy and drama genres, But in overall the story didn't justify as a horror movie. It didn't scare you nor make you especially uptight.

It was a really good movie, I gave it a steady 7. I would recommend people to see it. The story will have you watching all the way, Allthough the movie might start off as somehow boring, It won't turn out that way..

Will Park Hyun Seo be saved?
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08 Mar, 2013
Both are Korean monster movies in which the monster was created as result of a chemical accident.


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volkovices 14 Jan, 2018
WEEK 3 - 100 Korean Films:

What a beautiful creature!
stellybish 05 Dec, 2014
I watched it during my Korean class today and our teacher said it was one of Korea's most famous movies!
But.... I honestly have no idea why xD There was nothing so special about it.
It was more of a comedy than a drama.... unrealistic, boring at times and that ending...
There was something totally off (no... I'm not talking about the 'monster') and not well explained in the film....
Song Kang Ho was amazing though!
xezona 14 Nov, 2013
it has a deeper meaning. I liked it
sarangimnida 10 Jul, 2013
@catchxfireflies I noticed it straight away as well. I hadn't seem him acting in anything else before.

I gave this an extra star for Song Gang Ho.
I would eat squid legs with him any day~

One of the most predictable movies I've watched recently. Seriously overrated. Special effects certainly weren't that special.
hinamoriamu37 03 Jun, 2013
The movie was indeed nice. That monster was epic, but kinda scary. ;_;
catchxfireflies 13 Jan, 2013
Thanks a lot, Hershel from The Walking Dead.
prinseu 04 Jan, 2013
the monster may have seemed a bit fake like it usually does in such movies, but I thought the acting that accompanied it was quite good. I loved the 'shooting in the rain' scene. good film :)
r0lan 14 Sep, 2012
This aint a monster movie
, no one tragically dies.
Even I thought Snakes on a Plane was a better movie LOL
The fish monster looks like the monster from Monsters vs Alien too LMAO