ESC to close 4.05 (by 281 users)salaryman chohanji 샐러리맨 초한지
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized salaryman chohanji
english History Of A Salaryman (literal)
aka history of the salaryman, saelleorimaen chohanji


genres comedy, drama, mystery, work


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 02 Jan, 2012 - 13 Mar, 2012
episodes 22
duration 80 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 4.05 of 5 by 281 users
total users 711
rating 1137
favorites 26



When O Yu Bang unknowingly agreed to spy on Chun Ha group for Choe Hang U, he didn't realize that he was going to be stepping into a game of corporate politics, and just how much his life was going to change. As Bang goes from Chun Ha supporter to their and Hang U's greatest rival, all while dealing with Chun Ha heir Baek Yeo Chi's infamous temper, he slowly starts to go from hopeless exam failer to one of the greatest business minds. When everything ends up at risk, who will win? Bang with his small modest company, or Chun Ha group with its billions in assets? And just how much is each side willing to give up to win?

References the Chu Han battle of Chinese history.




Cha U Hui
O Yu Bang
Choe Hang U
Baek Yeo Chi
Choe Hang Ryang
Ho Hae




23 Dec, 2012
It was a huge hit in Korea but it is one of the most ignored dramas. Maybe it’s because there isn't any ‘EYE CANDY’ stars in it. It really is a pity that this show didn't get as much attention as other shows. After watching first few minutes I had idea that how great this show is going to be. This drama is honestly among one of the most creative and ‘One of a kind’ dramas I've seen so far. It exceeded my expectations and it’s definitely on my list of 10+ favorites!

This story is based on actual historical figures of China. The story is simple but its crafting is done by some skillful hand. It’s genius and witty story. The way story flows makes this story a masterpiece. You can’t tell its specific genre, It’s full of comedy, suspense, some action, romance and melodrama and it’s all about power. It’s unique in its own way and totally unpredictable. This is a serious tale about power struggle in corporate world. It is all about serious corporate battle but it has killer funny scenes that’ll make you laugh hard and you’ll shed tears by laughing and there is also balanced melodrama. And for romance fans there are sweet romantic scenes too.

Casting is brilliant. There aren't any flat or one-dimensional characters, all characters are dynamic. The relationship between four main characters is really interesting. It’s very unusual kind of relationship. Here you won’t find any female lead quivering in fear; female leads are hot-shot. And supporting characters and side characters are also great. You may find one or two characters bit stupid at first but it’s because of story and they’ll develop in strong characters later. It’s really hard to pick a favorite character, including supporting characters because I also loved all supporting characters including villains.

Other interesting thing is that every episode has something to learn…You’ll also learn many things from Korean sayings.

One of the best things about this drama is....ending of every episode!! Don’t miss them!!

Soundtrack is also very good and well matched with all situations. It’s catchy. And also dance in war background is extremely funny.

I definitely recommend this drama even if you don’t like corporate plot. If you are bit interested in comedy then you’ll like it because it’s "LOLIEST" drama till date. I changed my opinion for BEST OF 2012, now best of 2012 is HISTORY OF THE SALARYMAN!! DO NOT MISS IT!!
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16 Mar, 2012
A surprisingly great show, History of Salaryman manages to start off with a kick and maintain it throughout the course of its run, despite a 2 episode extension. This is a show done right.

The plot is definitely intriguing, with twists and turns, and there are only a few possible complaints, including that the focus was too much on the one big bad character. U Hui and Hang U may be the weakest characters in terms of lead material, but they still have their quirks and are greatly fleshed out. The only downside is that they must be compared to Yu Bang and Yeo Chi, which shows some of their lack of depth. That however, does not deter too much as all the characters are amazing; they grab you in the heart and stick. All the characters undergo growth, and mostly stay true to their personalities, a surprising feat. If there's one thing this show does not lack, it's the heart.

The acting was superb. Jeong Ryeo Won has grown leaps and bounds in this show, taking bratty Yeo Chi and showing her growth in an astonishing way that has you rooting for her in the end. Was Yeo Chi annoying as hell screeching in the first two or three episodes? Yes, but she still manages to sell the character then and as time progresses, you can only be left in awe of Ryeo Won's skills, because this is one actress that has grown. The rest of the cast is not to be left behind, showing amazing comedic timing and melodramatics as needed. Chemistry abounds between all four of the leads, tugging at your heart and wishing there was a solution that made everyone happy.

With great music, and hilarious mini-epilogues that show out of plot stories that still manage to fit the large arcs and somewhat move them along. History of a Salaryman, despite its flaws, is a superb show. The hilarious trailer, of course, is just the cherry on top.
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reginaphalange 11 Mar, 2016
i finished this a while ago but i think it's one of the best kdramas i've watched.
it's a shame not many people give this one a try.
zaharisa 19 May, 2015
For the first few episodes I've made the mistake to skip the scenes after the credits.. but they are the funniest ones!
alechan 29 Mar, 2015


O que vou fazer sem você, querido dorama???
alocamary 14 Feb, 2015
AMAZING <3 <3 <3
rosealice 02 Feb, 2015
Amazing drama. Three years later it's still my favourite. A masterpiece.
sonoko 12 Nov, 2013
very disappointing
boonyasan 12 Aug, 2013
This is the pearl among the sea of dull dramas, a must watch!
irate 29 Jul, 2013
i didn't expect this drama to be so interesting! such an underrated series. definitely a masterpiece.