ESC to close 3.67 (by 570 users)cheongugui gyedan 천국의 계단
  • 2003
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized cheongugui gyedan
english Stairway To Heaven (literal)
aka Stairs To Heaven, Steps in Paradise


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 03 Dec, 2003 - 05 Feb, 2004
episodes 20
duration 60 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 22:55
status released


avg. score 3.67 of 5 by 570 users
total users 991
rating 2090
favorites 45


cheongugui namu
2006 TV kr
areumdaun naldeul
2001 TV kr


Song Ju and Jeong Seo are in love. They both are childhood friends. One day the father of Jeong Seo gets married for the second time. His new wife, Tae Mi Ra, has a daughter and a son: the ambitious Yu Ri and the painter, Tae Hwa. Yu Ri is jealous of Jeong Seo and wants everything Jeong Seo has. One day, in an accident, Jeong Seo loses her memory and Song Ju believes that she is dead. Will the two lovers reunite?




Han Cheol Su
Cha Song Ju
Han Jeong Seo
Han Yu Ri
Han Jeong Seo (young)
Han Tae Hwa (young)




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20 Jun, 2011
Both dramas are circled around lies, and the step mother and step sister who are more than willing to do it, whatever it takes. It's a heart wrenching comedy that breaks you into tears like Stairway to Heaven, yet makes you laugh.


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dashuu ~ 3 weeks
It was my first kdrama too and I still love it for that and all the feels it gave me. I think its really captivates you and never lets you go, also the sountrack its epic and I still listen to it till this day (karaoke yaay).

If anyone is interested in purchasing the kor dvd with eng subs just msg me, I dont think i´ll be offering it elsewhere.
mirroro 30 Jan, 2017
and here i thought i will enjoy nice sunday watch.
yea, right. mhm. nice sunday watch.
i cannot even say i'm dissapointed because i'm not but FUCK IT'S JUST SO SAD.
my comment to the last ep: ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

nimwoo 15 Jan, 2017
@mjtear I came to check the reviews this drama had in this site because it's the first kdrama I watched in my life, and I found your comment funny and interesting, because we share a similar experience. Although it's definitely not the best, it's my starter pack as a 'dramaholic' and I find it cool that there's someone else who got into kdramas through Stairway To Heaven, haha! Nice to meet you, bud!
mjtear 13 Apr, 2015
I can't believe it has been over a decade since this drama aired. I've read so many negative comments about it but for me this represents my life for the past 11 years. Had it not being for this drama I would have probably never followed doramas the way I do today xD. It's a fact that the drama is somewhat ridiculous and slow but worth the watch IMO

Today, I watch at least 2 KDramas per month and it is all thanks to the influence this show had in me. I must also never forget to thank that special someone who introduced me to doramas in the first place.

Thank you MAFY!
sarah 28 Dec, 2012
This drama is an insult to human intelligence. Pathetic and ridiculous! Well, at least I had a few laughs. :D
No one is in their right mind here. She runs away from him and he runs after her through the WHOLE drama. Running, crying, screaming, and running again, what an intense plot! lol
I watched it until the end because I like the way Kwon Sang Woo walks/runs LOL :D

Don't waste your time and brain cells on it
tsurumi 20 Nov, 2012
Bania u cygana
murii 06 Aug, 2012
I always though that I would suffer with this drama, I did sometimes ahahah a lot but it was enjoyable and beautiful too. Some parts were slow and I couldn't help myself to scream for frustration, but it doesn't change what I think about this drama. For the only one I felt sorry for was Song Ju.
sonshou 01 Nov, 2011
I totally enjoyed this Drama and I'm planning to watch it for 5th time.
I like the part when you can understand why this Drama is named Stairway to Heaven.
To the people I recommended to watch this didn't expect the things that happened
in the last episodes, they're trying to guess what's next and saying "obviously, this will happen".
But, no, they weren't near. I showed just the last episode to my mother and she cried hehe
I knew she did, usually i recommend things to the right person but when it's something
I really enjoyed but I know anybody couldn't feel the same, I just keep it for myself.

The ending: people just look like can't understand they
overcame the material world
and are together forever, it is explained in the first time she disappeared,
when they met again and the last dialogue when he ask her to wait for him in the heaven.
it's not a sad ending, it has sad moments in the last episode but the end is a redemption of their love.

Nah "metaly", Latin American novelas (soap operas) usually have uncharismatic characters,
very exaggerated performances and repetitive episodes which not make any difference
if you don't watch them, very slow-paced even can take a month to change a not important situation
and hey, they are 1 hour per episode, 5 episodes at week, can have a duration of 1 year even more.

And finally, they're always in bad mood along the story, arrogant feminist women,
braggy and cocky men but dominated by some woman, it's silly entertainment,
only it is a Latin America novela with comedy you could find something worthy, if not,
you'll be annoyed by actors.

So, there's no comparison.