ESC to close 4.11 (by 2901 users)oktapbang wangseja 옥탑방 왕세자
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized oktapbang wangseja
english The Rooftop Prince
literal Crown Prince Of The Rooftop House
aka Attic King, Attic Prince, okseja, 옥세자


genres comedy, romance, fantasy, time travel


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 21 Mar, 2012 - 24 May, 2012
episodes 20
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status finished


avg. score 4.11 of 5 by 2901 users
total users 4289
rating 11932
favorites 396



One night, Crown Prince Lee Gak awakes to find the Crown Princess has drowned in the palace pond. Deeply shaken by his loss, he is of the opinion that his wife was murdered. Desperately searching for the culprit, the Crown Prince and his three comrades get into an ambush and are eventually forced to flee. While trying to save their lives, the four of them suddenly travel through time, 300 years into the future, where they end up in the rooftop room of Park Ha, a young woman who recently returned to South Korea. Now she sees herself stuck with the four men and their weird behaviour.




Crown Prince Lee Gak
Park Ha
Song Man Bo
Hong Se Na
U Yong Sul
Park Ha (young)




30 Dec, 2012
I enjoyed Rooftop Prince a lot, probably more than the drama was actually worth. Somehow the characters managed to struck a chord within me. The King and his sidekicks were just too adorable.

I have to say, I really didn't care at all about all the hassle around the family business. Tae Moo seemed to be really good at his work anyway... As a villain I have to say, he came off rather pathetic. Se Na as a character at least made some sense.

And whilst I fast forwarded through most of the business storyline, I loved the relationship between the King and Park Ha. The mystery was laid out well, and the lesson was thought. The theme of reincarnation and time travel took for once on an approach that at least to some extent made sense.

At times, the drama felt too long, but glad I stuck with it!
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01 Jun, 2012
Rooftop Prince is one of a slew of time-travel themed shows that recently premiered, and while it's not the best of the bunch by any means, it does have its own enjoyment and heart.

What starts off as a great plot based on solving a murder, falls wayside in the middle in favour of corporate stories; marking one of Rooftop Prince's greatest flaws. And while there's clear logic in the story-and it's obvious the writers know where they want to go-, the execution doesn't always work. However, the interaction of the four time-travelling men and the hilarious fish-out-of-water scenes more than make up for it.

The acting ranges from middling but passable to great. And likewise, the same applies to the characters. While none are completely hateable, not all of them have the same depth or even character consistency. While I'm not a big fan of Park Yu Cheon (as a singer or actor), he tends to pick stories that I find intriguing, so I have seen his shows, and I will admit that he's show great leaps and bounds in acting. And, like the plot, the show manages to pull through and still be enjoyable despite some of its less than likable characters.

Rooftop Prince is far from the best show out there, but it's also a show full of heart and which manages to stay enjoyable despite it's flaws. Since so many other shows have succumbed to those same failings, Rooftop Prince is a win in my book.
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Though different media types, both series share a few common factors which make both titles alike: reincarnation, forbidden love and jealously.

08 Mar, 2013
Both dramas are about time-travelling. In The Rooftop Prince, the journey is towards future; while in Faith, the journey is to past.


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yurisama 07 Jan, 2016
I couldn't watch this anymore, from ep 9 it became so boring to me that I couldn't finish it.
konishii 23 Nov, 2015
Its so hillarious at first tho
jessicarose 28 Jul, 2015
Episode 4 is soooo cheap I just can't keep watching this.
jeaudrey 31 May, 2015
I love every piece of this drama.
In the beggining I was very frustrated about Tae Mo and Se Na.
And I love Park Ha and Lee Gak, they were so cute together.
I recomend this to everyone, must watch.
jangminhae 21 Mar, 2015
It started off well, but somewhere around the 7th episode I just couldn't stand Se Na Unni...
I had a lot of thoughts of just dropping it, but I didn't feel like it...
I kept watching, even though it did irritate me many times and it really drag a lot and unnecessarily.
It had just too much intrigue for my taste.
About the ending, I'm not quite sure if I liked it.
Of course I would love it if they could somehow stay together forever, but this wasn't the case. I know that if the Crown Prince stayed in the future or something like that, I would be much more annoyed, but I just didn't like how Tae Yong finally woke up and found Park Ha again, because all she could see was Crown Prince and that wasn't him!!!! Meanwhile in the past Bu Yong died and Crown Prince was on his own... I would prefer it if both of them were alone.... ='(

The whole story had some gaps that could be easily spotted and were a bit annoying as well..
It started off quite light and funny, but in the end it was all tears and sorrow.
I'm a bit disappointed, to be honest...
I don't really recommend it, but it's not all as tragic as I describe it to be.
Good: 3/5
leylachan 08 Dec, 2014
trop mignon!! *_*
I didn't expect to like it so much.
It was really funny and cute!

Yep definitely a must watch.
miyuka 06 Dec, 2014
just because of the ending i can't say this drama is one of my favourite dramas
i really don't like the ending
honey 29 Sep, 2014
After a year, I finally started to continue watching this drama. And I remember why I had to take a break. 80% of the characters are annoying. Especially the side-girl. Want to jump in her face and just... Ugh. I understand they have to add hateful characters, but really, the ratio in this is off. x.X Let's see where the story leads. If nobody gives that Se Na a good beating, I don't know how I'll think of this drama. >.< (No, I would not REALLY hit her. She's not real, so I can calmly dream about somebody giving her the things she deserves, right? XD)
Oh, on a good note: The guys are all so cute and lovely. I mean, the Joseon part of it. They are probably the only reason, why I'll finish watching this. *lol*