ESC to close 3.51 (by 264 users)kisaragi
  • 2007
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized kisaragi


genres comedy, mystery


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 16 Jun, 2007
duration 108 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.51 of 5 by 264 users
total users 424
rating 927
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A year after the suicide of idol Kisaragi Miki, her biggest fan decides to organise a commemoration party. Five people gather in a small room and while talking a lot about the case, they realise that the police were wrong and Kisaragi might have been killed.


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Ichigo Musume
Oda Yuuji
Kisaragi Miki




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reonsoru 19 Mar, 2016
@kagamigensou Ohhh! A stageplay of this sounds GREAT. And I agree with you: It seemed like they didn't want to show her face, which I thought was a nice addition to the mystery surrounding her, but suddenly at the end of the movie they apparently changed their mind and had her face all over the place. I think I would have liked it better not to see her face.
reonsoru 19 Mar, 2016
Brilliant! This shows that you don't need a billion of different sets, special effects or action scenes. If your dialoges and plot are interesting enough, you can have an entire movie take place in a single room and STILL make it an entertaining movie. I think a lot of filmmakers should watch this and think about it.

The actors are doing a great job, which was to be expected from the cast. I especially liked Oguri Shun in this, though I kinda used to not like him, but I guess I would have thought better of him as an actor if I had seen this when it came out. Also, Kagawa Teruyuki! This man's talent surprises me over and over again.

Loved the simplicity of the movie with a plot that is still fascinating enough to make you watch this until the very end, and even then you feel like something is not right.

It was something about Kagawa Teruyuki's acting but sometimes he made me think that he might actually not be her father. Like, when Miki's manager returns him the headband, he looks like he is thinking "I will pretend like I am so moved because this is the only thing I have left to remember my daughter but in fact I am just happy that they believe me that I am her dad and not just a random stalker" b

Something I didn't like was the comic-like flashbacks and the night sky flashback animation. But that's just small details and I guess it did underline the slapstick / comedy flair of the movie.

In any case, this was an entertaining watch! And at the end of it, the movie basically leaves us with the nagging feeling that the whole explanation the 5 in the room come up with is bullshit. Twisting your mind, much? What a teaser for a second movie that never came out.
sayitaintsojoe 19 Nov, 2012
Entertaining! I enjoyed it.
purisuka 16 Feb, 2012
just like funny version of 12 Angry Men. loved it so much.
kagamigensou 14 Mar, 2011
I had the chance to see this as a stage play before watching the movie & I must say I liked it a lot better that way. The more minimalist set in a play is better for a plot like this, I think, because it forces you to focus on the actors' words & actions all the much more . . . And I don't know why, but I really hated that they put a face to Kisaragi Miki in the movie, it destroyed a bit of the mystery for me.
yuna 06 Feb, 2011
Concept was very good and movie was not that bad.
soffone85 23 Jan, 2011
Great and weird at the same time.brilliant idea to put together 5 people and then solve the murder.all in a small room.quite an imagination from the writer
malice 08 Oct, 2010
a great movie! the final was unexpected