ESC to close 3.69 (by 411 users)naega sarinbeomida 내가 살인범이다
  • 2012
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized naega sarinbeomida
english Confession Of Murder
literal I Am A Killer


genres action, crime, suspense


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 08 Nov, 2012
duration 119 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.69 of 5 by 411 users
total users 684
rating 1515
favorites 4


22 nenme no kokuhaku: watashi ga satsujinhan desu
2017 film jp
same setting


17 years ago Choe Hyeon Ju failed to arrest a serial killer, who had kidnapped and killed several woman.
Now that the statute of limitations expired two years ago, Lee Du Suk publishes a book named 'I am the Murderer', claiming to be the said serial killer and deeply regretting his doings. The book soon becomes a bestseller and Du Suk a national star and darling.
Hyeon Ju on the other hand is determined to catch the culprit, but he begins to doubt that Du Suk is the one he's pretending to be; while the remaining family members of the victims want nothing else but justice...




Lee Du Seok
Choe Hyeon Ju
Han Ji Su
Tae Seok
Choe Gang Suk
Gang Do Hyeok


director, screenwriter
producer, planner


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29 Sep, 2015
At the begging of the movie we get a glimpse of the killer, while Choe Hyeon Ju (the detective who is in charge of the case) is chasing him through the narrows streets of Seul; he is an egomaniac and spare the life of detective Choe to let the world know about him.

Time passed and the day the statute of limitations expire we get another glimpse this time Choe is an alcoholic, a shadow of the detective we saw in the first sequence who try to convince a young man not to commit suicide, with the statute of limitations expired he loose all hope for justice, so he throws himself from the roof, to end in the windshield of a passing bus.

Two years later Lee Doo Seok release a book which title is "I am the Murderer", sharing all the details of the murders and claiming regret for his crimes. The book became a bestseller, as the media frenzy surrounding Lee increases, he even gets a fan club; some family members of the victims gather together to plot their revenge. The only who seems to doubt that Lee isn't the real killer is Choe.

Some of the action scenes are too much, at one point so unrealistic, also the are some holes in the story, since we get those two glimpses at the begginning of the movie we ask ourselfs how predictable can be the script, it not hard to found the cliches and the result.

The acting is very good, a diversity of actrees and actors that portait the devasted family members of the victims; Park Shi Hoo plays a sometimes charismatic, cold and calculator Lee Doo Seok; and Jeong Jae Yeong a haunted detective that cannot forgive himself from not be able to stop the killer and prevent more murders.

I saw this movie in theaters, so my opinion is influence by that, is not the same when you can hear the surprise sounds from the audience or the laughter at some silly sequences; the Mexican Korean Culture Center joined with one of the biggest cinema chain to launch the first Festival of Korean movies and this film was one of the four selected.

I really enjoy the movie,full of cliches, predicatable at some points of the story but unexpected in others.
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kiyoshi 17 Jun, 2015
The plot was well done, but it could have been much better.
jangminhae 22 Feb, 2014
it could have been better, much better
the story itself had all the prospectives to give a really good and entertaining movie.
i so liked the first 15 or so minutes but after the awfwl and really fake pursuit scene i kind of changed my mind...
yes, i couldn't guess this would happen about lee du suk.
i thought we would have some kind of a relationship with the real killer but it seems i was wrong...

anyway, i was disappointed in the end. it could be a lot better. really...
Good: 3/5 and that's a high rating... =[
makiru 28 Jan, 2014
This movie had everything to be great... But somehow it didn't work well.
I really liked the plot, but not the development, not to mention the poor visual effects... It was REALLY bad.
janegreen 30 Aug, 2013
@missdrama Actually, the part about the hype shows how easy it is in today's world to make a celebrity even out of a serial killer. People will buy anything. Sad but true.
But let's face the truth: would they give an ugly face for the book's author and there'd be smaller hype. It's a given! Well, less female fans for sure. You noticed how often they mentioned he's so handsome (oh, yeah, the part about the surgery - so lame!), the face is everything. It sells.

I dunno, the movie had such potential! The story is great, but it just didn't work in the end. They overdid everything, but mostly pursuits scenes. Man, was it boring! Don't get me wrong, I like a good pursuit but when it's longer than 5 mins there's really nothing more to surprise me with. So, eventually I started to do my nails~
Then, the 'unpredictable' turning point. Was it really that unpredictable? For me, it was a bit forced.
Because, in the end, how can a pretty face be bad, right?
Oh, well, it can, actually.

But it was entertaining enough. Had fun while watching.
missdrama 25 Aug, 2013
It was interesting and thrilling. A new type of story how to catch a murder.

But, god, why did they have to overdo it? I mean, the serial murder acted like superman in the end. What was that? Nothing could stop him?!! xD
And the hype about the book. I understand that it became a bestseller but having fanclubs? About detailly writing how he killed people? Really?
The girl with the crossbow!!!

A tiny bit realistic was expected, sorry.

I wished the muder would be a smart and handsome guy instead of an ugly crazy bastard.
invincible 21 Aug, 2013
wowthis was really good movie
bloom 10 Aug, 2013
wow this is a really good movie I didn't expect the ending
thefreak 05 Aug, 2013
Partially entertaining with quite the interesting plot and unpredictable development but....Shisus, the action scenes dragged on so much it got boring! (I was able to take a break and make myself something to eat while the major action scenes happened).
This film had the potential to be something special, but the execution ruined it.