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  • 2004
  • film
  • Hong Kong

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romanized 2046


genres drama, romance


language Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese


country Hong Kong
type real
format film


date 29 Sep, 2004
duration 129 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.69 of 5 by 323 users
total users 506
rating 1192
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2046 is the number of the room next to the one Chow Mo Wan, the main protagonist, rents in a small hotel in Hong Kong. And it is the title of a book he is writing, '2046' being in that book the only means to find true love. It is never explicitly stated whether 2046 is a place, a date, or a state of mind. In Chow Mo Wan's fantasies, passengers ride a train which is bound to and from 2046, and incidents and love stories experienced by the passengers (played by the same actors as the characters Chow Mo Wan meets in real life) mirror their proccupations about love in real life.


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Jau Mo Wan
So Lai Jan
Baak Ling
So Lai Jan


producer, director, screenwriter


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sayitaintsojoe 18 Jan, 2013
Had to immediately rewatch over the film. Fast forwarding to get all the details together.
sayitaintsojoe 18 Jan, 2013
He went to "2046," which I interpet as a life of meaningless romance/sex/relationships, trying to recapture the love that he lost, but eventually he realized that the "androids" couldn't give him what he was seeking.

Or 2046 could be living your life in the past. Either way he was leaving it and moving on in the end.

Interesting film. The music was amazing. So was the acting. But it could have been a little better.
noraju 23 Oct, 2012
One of the most significantly artfilm of asian cinematography. This film is not for everybody. Only those can grasp fully this film who have sufficient cinematic expertise (e.g. those who study filmmaking/film analysis or related media arts) and deeply investigate Wong Kar Wai's art.
I think many of us (who were spell-bound by this film) comprehend it in part , but we are at a loss for words. Altough imagery of film speaks for itself. Real masterpiece!
spluffen 26 Jan, 2011
What a stunning picture. I was really inside this film with my whole mind rather than sitting there on the other side of the screen watching it. The best film I've seen in a good while.
skyevans 30 Nov, 2010
Not bad, but not good. Sometimes boring.
Oh, and the music was great :D
neverenough 28 Nov, 2010
I Like it, despite some boring scenes.
Fairly good but not great
Random chan 10 May, 2010
haha, I'm happy I saw that movie... it's really an awesome one. I liked it a lot... the directing, the screen writing.. the edit, everything was awesome. Actors were also... (beside takuya, XD I hate himXD) magnificent.
I think it was the first (as long as i can recall) time I was any work of wang jia wei... he seems interesting... I'll catch up with his works.
nanuklein 15 Apr, 2010
Full of slice of life scenes, but at the same time those acts seemed so transcendental to me that it was almost as if I was being plunged directly into the author's dream. Well, what can I say..the actors' acting was top-notch, and the whole setting was..awesome. Wang Jia Wei has yet again shown his talent, and hell, the whole film had his scent on it.