ESC to close 3.79 (by 416 users)legal high
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized legal high
aka riigaru hai


genres comedy, drama, law


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 17 Apr, 2012 - 26 Jun, 2012
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.79 of 5 by 416 users
total users 789
rating 1578
favorites 20


legal high special
2013 TV jp
legal high
2013 TV jp


Komikado Kensuke is a lawyer, but not your stereotypical one. He's obstinate and possesses a wicked tongue. He's sarcastic, moody, and a spendthrift. Furthermore, he's exceedingly fond of money, fame, and women, which naturally has earned him a terrible reputation within legal circles. Despite this, he's never lost a lawsuit yet. Winning is everything to him and he possesses a genius talent for bargaining tactics which lead him to victory in every case. Any greenhorn by the book lawyer, he looks upon with disdain. Under his motto, 'Justice lies in the victor', he will use any means he chooses to achieve exactly that.




Komikado Kensuke
Mayuzumi Machiko
Sawachi Kimie
Miki Chouichirou
Kaga Ranmaru




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29 Nov, 2014
Both feature lawyers and court sessions in a comical way.
Both center around a skilled yet rather rude person who faces intellectual challenges and uncovers mysteries together with a female who works under him.


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sleepingstar 02 Jun, 2013
Silly but nice series, personalities of people seem rather exaggerated, not to be taken too seriously really. Last EP was just a mess though
Kinda guessed that Saori being something like that too...
galeana 24 Feb, 2013
This is where I first met Sakai Masato and I just love his acting. Also the storyline is pretty amazing. For me as a possible future lawyer this was a very inspirational drama :)
misekeith 16 Dec, 2012
Best drama ever. Wonderful and never boring script. Incredible acting (Sakai MAsato and Satomi Koutarou at least, better leave Gakky alone). I tried not to end it for months, but well, I had to at a certain point.
screwtape 11 Dec, 2012
Great performance from Sakai Masato. He made the series worthwhile even if not all cases were extra engaging.

As for Saori: come on, you could see it coming since at least ep 10 if not earlier. Corny.
lilfootprints 25 Nov, 2012
everything was good expect for the truth behind saori....
Saori was just a hamster????
rikatokato 22 Oct, 2012
i really love this drama .. amazing
hananaki 17 Oct, 2012
Amazing drama,Sakai Masato was superb in this role!
aquariia 25 Sep, 2012
Great drama!!! Komikado & Mayuzumi made an awesome team. Sakai Masato did such a great job as Komikado. I loved his character. I like how they had put together serious scenes with hilarious ones. I admit not every single episode was super exciting I actually wasn't so hyped at the beginning but the drama became better and better. Episodes 8, 9&10 were epic!
Episode 8th was my favourite one. Even though Komikado often rise his voice he is calm. This episode was different. I've got feeling his boiling inside every time he talked back to his father. The story was very good as well. I was curious how he's going to convince me this brat kid suppose to live without her mother.

Komikado's speach in episode 9 is absolutely amazing. I didn't expect so good episode. I also can't believe how stupid Mayuzumi was, well at least we've got hilarious ending scene ;-)