ESC to close 3.75 (by 258 users)w no higeki
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized w no higeki
english The Tragedy Of W (literal)
aka W's Tragedy, wの悲劇

Based On

based on book
title w no higeki
author Natsuki Shizuko (夏樹静子)


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TV Asahi (テレビ朝日)


date 26 Apr, 2012 - 14 Jun, 2012
episodes 8
duration 54 minutes
air day Thursday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.75 of 5 by 258 users
total users 458
rating 968
favorites 7



Watsuji Mako and Kurasawa Satsuki look identical, however each of them lives a complete different life, Mako is a polite and well-educated girl from a very rich family who owns everything, however is not happy with her current life. And Satsuki is a rude, poor girl who lives alone in an old apartment, works in a part-time job in cabaret club and is not interested in anything except money. Due to unexpected circumstances they meet each other and decide to exchange each other's lives.




Kurasawa Satsuki
Watsuji Mako
Yumizaka Keiichirou
Tachibana Kirara
Masaki Shouhei
Kimura Shino




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30 Mar, 2016
The two works feature look alikes whose lives become entangled with one another. They also share a similar theme, both revolving around crime.


Double Role For Takei Emi akiraka 1 posts 16 Feb, 2012 by akiraka
Actress Takei Emi (18), will appear in her first double role production in the newly announced drama series, "W No Higeki" (The Tragedy Of W). For Takei, it w...


zor6a 12 Jan, 2018
<3 Masterpiece! Kiritani Kenta & Takei Emi is the best! <3
pyapi 13 Sep, 2014
I really liked the drama. The acting was very good, especially Takei Emi's, she really embraced having two different characters. The two twins were very distinct - from the way they talked down to the gaze and gestures they made, which is something that I appreciated a lot. I have to agree with a lot of people, though, I did not really like the ending

While I found quite a lot of things to be predictable, the show managed to surprise me with Michihiko's being the mastermind behind everything. Although once they revealed it did seem like the most likely choice. What bothered me about the ending was the usual "give everyone a happy ending" that from the few drama I have seen so far seems to be pretty normal en jdramas. The just forgive and forget and go back to their usual lives as if nothing? Dislike. Dislike!

Overall it's a good drama with a very well done performance by the whole cast, so it's definitely worth the watch. 3.5/5 (4 for simplicity's sake and because I liked the acting)
ocamilao 08 Sep, 2014
Awesomeeeeee!!! Emi chan was effin perfect , even tho she plays the 2 main roles you totally can tell apart Satsuki and Mako (like they were being playing by 2 different actress). Actually all the cast is awesome and the ost is beautiful ♥ . The end is not bad but maybe i was expecting a little more. Anyway i rated as masterpiece considerating i haven't watch a good drama in a while and this was definetly more than very good
kenta was too obsessive at first and inreand you may want to punch him -orkisshim- but was a nice -hot- guy anyway. I always thought he was obsessed with Satsuki and i like them as a couple...No with Mako lol
misekeith 07 Mar, 2014
Takei Emi was kind of unexpectedly good in this (with some slips in some moments, but well).
I like Kenta, but I would have honestly punched his character in the face multiple times,
because you can be a policeman or whatever, nothing gives you the right to treat people like scum because they sell their body or anything. Also, instead of being the hero he probably was meant to be, he just gave me the impression of a freaky stalker.

Satsuki was my hero. <3
greyhippo 02 Oct, 2013
It's just amazing. I was worried at first it'd be a bad horror but instead it's a really good light thriller. I love the ending.
I do wish that Mako and Keiichirou became an actual couple.
9miho 04 Sep, 2013
Sounds like an older version of The Parent Trap
mikkamay 04 Dec, 2012
Loved this drama. Kenta <3333333333
minjung 17 Oct, 2012
That was amazing! The soundtrack was also beautiful, everything was perfect! Except the ending tho.