ESC to close 3.63 (by 523 users)joheun nom, nappeun nom, isanghan nom 좋은 놈, 나쁜 놈, 이상한 놈
  • 2008
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized joheun nom, nappeun nom, isanghan nom
english The Good, The Bad, The Weird (literal)


genres action, comedy


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 17 Jul, 2008
duration 133 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.63 of 5 by 523 users
total users 752
rating 1899
favorites 17



The 30s, Manchuria. The Weird steals a treasure map from an important Japanese. The Bad, a famous hitman, is paid to get back this map. The Good wants to find the holder of the map to pocket the prime. Only one will succeed, if he can take down the Japanese army, the Chinese, the Korean bandits and his two opponents.


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Park Chang I
Yun Tae Gu
Park Do Wan
Park Seo Bang
Seo Jae Sik
Opium Den Waitress


producer, director, screenwriter
costume designer


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25 Feb, 2013
A spectacular, eccentric action movie and a surprising and hilarious western!

I'm a fan of the original western movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly from Sergio Leone, so i was pretty curious about this movie. It takes a lot from the original one (and from other Leone's movies), as expcted, not just the name but lot of things in the plot are similar and also whole scenes and little particulars are taken from it... but at the same time this movie is really different and distant from Leone's work. More a parody or a tribute than anything else, and that's what saves this movie, in my opinion.

The plot is quite simple - 1 treasure map and a lot of people that want it pretty bad - but at the same time, since the rivals are so much, can also be a little confusing. Unfortunately it ends a little bit apruptly, after some really epic scenes you'll find yourself expecting more... But is still ok, i think, since what will catch you while seeing this movie won't be the plot but the view experience itself.

The movie, in fact, it's really well played and well directed: a great action movie with awesome and spectacular fight scenes, and quite of an interesting comedy-western. But what really surprised me were the amazing-peculiar-eccentric scenography and costumes! Those definitely gave a stunning perspective to this movie and helped all the weird characters to be somehow credible (and, therefore, funny and not just "odd").

It's quite a crazy movie, i think... but that's absolutely coherent with something so inchoherent like an "asian western". :D
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kiyoshi 31 Oct, 2013
I wondered how I would rate this drama.
Undoubtedly, it was very funny. And how the action was filmed was very well done. But the story itself was a bit boring. My boyfriend and I agreed to rate it "good".
addy1884 03 Jun, 2013
i dont like westerns.. but.. omg cast +.+
ahmadz 17 Mar, 2013
good 3 stars
carroline 25 Feb, 2013
It's crazy :D like the idea of an "asian western"... and that's why i liked it!
And it's full of connections to Sergio Leone's movies, not just The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, so - for a fan like me - was really enjoyable!
True that the plot is kinda weak sometimes, especially at the end... but there are some really cool fighting scenes and schenography and costumes were just amazing!
Really watch worthing, for me!
nanuklein 24 Aug, 2012
bought the DVD and was sometimes amused, but most of the time it seemed a bit bland to me. donno, but to me this film is too much about hype than real quality or comedy.
nyappyqueen 19 Jul, 2012
Good action film with great actors! I enjoyed watching it.
And I have to say I liked it that blood wasn't overly used in this film. You know when it flows litres no matter what kind of wound it is and it kinda ruins the mood. Well this movie had enough of blood usage! ^^ (I hope that makes sense...)
klonoaps1 08 Jan, 2012
simple enough, 3 dudes & 1 treasure... obvious plot, so don't watch this film looking for a story, that just makes you look stupid.

This film is action-packed it kept me entertained like Indiana Jones. Good acting and with funny moments.

Those who like gun-fights/explosions/bad-ass characters/comic relief - will certainly enjoy this film. :)
daelyna 06 Nov, 2011
Good movie ... I like it <3
I especially enjoyed the funny moments ^^