ESC to close 3.87 (by 1728 users)sinui 신의
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized sinui
english Faith (literal)
aka the great doctor, 神醫


genres romance, fantasy, fict. history, time travel


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 13 Aug, 2012 - 30 Oct, 2012
episodes 24
duration 80 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 21:55 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.87 of 5 by 1728 users
total users 2994
rating 6683
favorites 201



Choe Yeong is a general of the royal army, which escorts King Gong Min back to Goryeo (Korea), where the latter is supposed to take over the throne. Also under Choe Yeong's custody is Princess No Guk, the new wife of King Gong Min and Princess of Yuan (China), the country her husband was held as a hostage in for a long time. Nearly being at the end of their journey, the group has to rest at an inn, where they are ambushed; in the running the Princess gets seriously injured. Choe Yeong is asked by King Gong Min to go through 'Heaven's Door' and bring the 'God's Doctor', the one known from the legends and the only one who is rumoured to be able to save the Princess. However, the door turns out to be a portal to the future and Choe Yeong lands in what is now Seoul, where he meets the female plastic surgeon Yu Eun Su. He kidnaps her and brings the totally scared woman back to his time. With this, the challenges for the confused Eun Su just begin, since she must continue curing her patients, without the advanced medicine or technology and while trying not to change any important piece of the history she knows; and find a way to return safely home through another gate.




Choe Yeong
Yu Eun Su
Princess No Guk
King Gong Min
Jang Bin
Deok Man




17 Sep, 2013
This show is absolutely terrible. There's no redeming factor, at all.

Lee Min Ho must be one of the worst casting mistakes in years as the leading Goryeo warrior who should be reserved and commanding, but dormant in his abilities and traumatized by a sad past. Instead, he zombies his way through the script, seemingly confussed and lost. By the end of the drama, he was hilariously sleepwalking, mostly.

Kim Hee Seon was screeching at first, then barely adorable, then just as lost as her co-stars (all of them). It's really difficult to find a collective cast utterly braindead by the end of a drama, so congratulations for this achievement?

The actors had moderate talent at best, but the show lacked a clear vision and coherence in its story that hindered its potential to be at least entertaining (I wasn't asking much more out of this, to be honest).

The final product was not only mediocre, it was insulting most of the time in its absolute disregard for the most basic rules of storytelling and direction.

The only relevance this piece of rotten fruit will have, is for Lee Min Ho completists (does that even exist?) or people who are studying how sadly Kim Jong Hak's legacy ended. What a shame.
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01 Jul, 2013
I started to watch this because of Lee Minho and i diden´t have high expactations for this cause i read a lot about slow plot and other bad things.

But i must say i was suprised when i actually watched it cause for me it was really good.

It is the truth that at the beginning it is a bit slow but after a few episodes it get´s faster and i think this drama needed the slow start so that you can get familiar with the different characters.

I also think that the story about time travelling to the past is a really great thing. Though Yu Eun Su knows about the future of the people she meets she decided to keep most of it to herself so that she won´t change the future to much, as it could also turn bad if the changes are to drastically.

Also at the beginning Yu Eun Su had problems with adapting to her new situation, what is totally understandable when you get kidnappes to another time period, with time she herself started to change and also change the people around her for the better.

What annoyed me a bit was the great villain Gi Cheol as he would never give up or change his ways and also how most of the time the supporting cast was a bit left out and you couldn´t understand why they acted the way they did. Or how the relationships between them worked and ther was a bit to much politic for my taste.

But the actors all did a really great job in portraying ther roles be it Lee Minho as Choe Yeong or Ryu Deok Hwan as King Gong Min.

The staff did also an awesome job for this drama and the special effects where really great.

So all in all i would say if you like historical dramas, with a bit fantasy and you don´t have a problem with politic, this is definitly a must watch for you.
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11 Jan, 2014
They have two completely different stories, but in both a doctor from the modern era travels back in time to meet with important people in Korean history.

08 Mar, 2013
Both dramas are about time-travelling. In The Rooftop Prince, the journey is towards future; while in Faith, the journey is to past.


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bupu 02 Oct, 2016
It's the second time I watched this series. this is the one and only drama I have watched twice, like ever! and, however, it has its [many] downfalls and problems I love it unconditionally. this love is solely based on characters.
Choi Young! my favourite character played by Lee Minho. reserved and stoic, delivering his thoughts with the amazing deadpan!
and Yoo Eun Su! I love how she never loses her spunk. I hate when female characters are often devoid of any pride and let others treat them as doormats. what is even worse, a lot of female characters lose their backbone during the course of the drama and it's so hilariously awful occurence I can't even. but Eun Su is always her wonderfully cocky self.
and woodalchis! oh, boy! what a group of reliable, fierce and loyal men.
So, I am aware of many imperfections of this drama but still, I will always think about it as of one of my favourites.
give it a chance! :D
missblackrabbit 01 Jan, 2016
Ep.19... I'm going to cry so bad at the end of this show. I need to brace myself for a full day of depression afterwards.
Full critic coming soon.
ryofanka 30 Nov, 2015
While reading the comments I got confused if this drama is worth watching or
With no high expectation for this drama I decide to watch this anyway because of Lee Minho ;)
And I must say I was positively surprised when I actually watched it cause for me it was really good.

The beginning it is a bit slow and I am not a big fan of the time traveling part but after a few episodes it get´s faster and the plot and characters started to grow on me.

Yu Eun Su character was sometimes hard to understand but it wasn't a show stopper form me ;)

The only character that annoyed me was the villain Gi Cheol!!!
Also would suggest some more background history about the whole sibling part but oh well I guess we can not have everything ;)
And definitely to much politic for my taste.

Overall I think this is actually a very good drama and the actors did very good job.
hanayo 05 Oct, 2015
After reading the other reviews I was a bit sceptical, when I started to watch this drama, but I really enjoyed it!
Sometimes the plot was a bit slow and I started to pay less attention to some scenes (like the ones with the ministers or the talk about politics etc.).
What I really liked was the fact I didn't know how this would end. Precisely I was clueless until the last 10 minutes.
it's also one of the few times I wasn't totally annoyed by the main actress and I think I don't have to mention Lee Minho ;) This kind of clothes fits him so much! And his hair! Lovely ;)

From my pov I would recommend this drama!
hikarua 06 Aug, 2015
@mizuxmizu I had the same! :D
I started watching this when it was airing in 2012 but for some reason I put it on hold back then.
Now because of stress from uni I have started to watch it again! We'll see, how I'm going to like it.
But I'm positive I will like it, especially because of Lee Min Ho <3 ;)
mizuxmizu 01 Jul, 2015
When I first started watching this back in 2012 I got bored of it really fast. Maybe historical plots aren't my thing. And I decided to dropped it. But this year, after stress from uni, I picked it again and THANK GOD I DID IT.
I never get tired of Lee Minho <3

And I was going to break at the end thinking that it would all go the other way, but thank god it didn't.
superboink 03 May, 2015
Probably the most boring drama I've ever watched.. I can't believe I even finished it. What an absolute waste of time.
gabriell 29 Mar, 2014
WOW when i read these comments! :D omo HAVE I WARCHED THE SAME SHOW? :D now seriously :) if u are fan of historical movies and dramas and u want to watch smth really amazing just historicaly or some really tense plot hmmm well u won't find smth like this here :) i'm not a big fan of lee min ho but most of his dramas are good and i must say this isn't excaption :) the show is good, well u may find some bad things about it but give it a chance :)