ESC to close 3.2 (by 251 users)aku no kyouten
  • 2012
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized aku no kyouten
english Lesson Of The Evil (literal)

Based On

based on book
title aku no kyouten
author Kishi Yuusuke (貴志祐介)


genres crime, suspense, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 10 Nov, 2012
duration 128 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.2 of 5 by 251 users
total users 445
rating 803
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aku no kyouten: joshou
2012 web jp


Hasumi is an English teacher in a high school. His cool personality and handsome face make him very popular among students and they treat him like a good friend. Behind the curtains though, Hasumi hates problems and has a terrific way of dealing with them.




Hasumi Seiji
Katagiri Reika
Hayami Keisuke
Shibahara Tetsurou
Maejima Masahiko
Yasuhara Miya


director, screenwriter
original creator


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26 Oct, 2015
Both films are directed by Miike Takashi and set in school where the students have to struggle for their survival.


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inuwashi 28 Dec, 2014
I think
there were 3 survivors not 2. If you look at the movie 1:34:33 there is a girl crying in the corner. She is still there at 1:49:49. At this time Masahiko went to her but at 1:51:38 Masahiko is sitting next to her dead body. I think it's fake blood and she didn't cut her wrist. It's probably Masahiko's "makeup" as he was very good with the brush.
What do you think? Maybe it's just my imagination!
beautifur 13 Sep, 2014
Just, wow. I don't usually like splatter movies but this one was amazing. Reminded me of a less embarrassing version of Battle Royale. Ito Hideaki did an outstanding job as a psycho. I also loved the choice of music and setting - everything was so colorful and flashy. Oh and this


was very appreciated too.
junho1582 24 Jul, 2014
Totally creepy, like wow it didn't grab my attention in the first 30 minutes, but the rest was pretty intense. Not much of a fan of Takashi Miike in most cases, but nice character development, nice use of music and nice atmosphere in this movie. All in all very interesting and simply sick. I don't mind splatter but I'm disturbed by the psychology of this film. So it pretty much did what I expected from the trailer which is nice since most trailers just lie, lol...
aqu135 09 Jun, 2014
Too long with some unnecessary scenes, but good cast. There wasn't much gore and blood as I was told to expect. One thing that they got correct is the characteristics of a psychopath, it is almost exactly how the movie showed it.

I couldn't tell the difference between some students and I pretty much live in a Japanese community...weird!
jasminee 19 May, 2014
@tianyu I agree with every word you said. Hell yeah I enjoyed the movie quite a lot. The second part of it is so thrilling.
I liked it so much that I translated it into my native language. The psycho role really suits Hideaki, makes me want to see more. Those little dance moves ;)
I wish someone would sub the SP of this movie which gives some more insight into his character, I'm really curious about it.
tianyu 19 May, 2014
Its quite funny how people say this movie was bad, I guess you simple didn't get it..
Hideakis acting was fcking awesome, because everytime you looked at his face it was like you looked at a totally insane man who completely lost his mind in his own little world -> and thats EXACTLY how it was supposed to be with his character. You could see Hasumis Development in the movie, first you thought "Oh what a nice teacher" and then he started acting weird, saying weird stuff and at the end you were just like " WTF , is he insane?" . Moreover was the movie the story of the teacher, not the students, thats why it was so focused on him. Yeah, there were moments where I also thought "man.. you could have acted different in that moment and then you would be still alive" when the students did something, but well. I dont think anyone would have a clear mind in a situation like that lol
I personally think it was a really good movie.
Random chan 27 Apr, 2014
Oh wow, I totally agree, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. I'm not sure if it was because I watched two pretty bad films today and between them I watched this one but I didn't hate it. Itou Hideaki had his Itou Hideaki acting, like he always does and it was a pretty typical Miike Takashi film. I need to give it more time to make an impression though.
justironic 20 Sep, 2013
Way better than I had expected!