ESC to close 3.73 (by 241 users)kuruma isu de boku wa sora wo tobu
  • 2012
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized kuruma isu de boku wa sora wo tobu
english I Fly Through The Sky In A Wheelchair (literal)

Based On

based on book
title inochi no kaunseringu (命のカウンセリング)
author Hasegawa Taizou (長谷川泰三)


genres drama, life


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 25 Aug, 2012
episodes 1
duration 120 minutes
air day Saturday
status released


avg. score 3.73 of 5 by 241 users
total users 416
rating 900
favorites 4



Hasebe Yasuyuki is living his life carelessly alone in his apartment, until one day, he jumps from the top of a building escaping a street gang and injures his spinal cord. And the doctor tells him that he can't walk anymore. His mother, Haruko, hurries to the hospital for her son, however Yasuyuki is on bad terms with her, so he asks her to leave him alone. There he meets an ill kid in the hospital named Ishii Daisuke who is living his life positively, and the store staff Katou Kumi, who always smiles even though she had a sad past he gains confidence and decides to start his rehabilitation. After Yasuyuki is discharged from the hospital he starts relying on everybody everywhere, so he falls into despair and starts thinking of committing suicide seeing no future for himself.




Hasebe Yasuyuki
Katou Hisami
Hasebe Haruko
Minami Hideaki
Ebata Minori
Nishizaki Kouta




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29 Dec, 2012
The leading characters in both movies are people who take what they have for granted and thus act accordingly. Upon being struck by disaster in the shape of an illness/handicap, they both decide to not even bother trying to live anymore. They are both helped by another sick person, a child, that makes them want to give it their best to prove that things will be all right.


Ueto Aya And Ninomiya Kazunari To Appear Together In Charity Drama Special akiraka 1 posts 25 Jun, 2012 by akiraka
It was announced June 23 that Ueto Aya will play the heroine's role in joining Ninomiya Kazunari in the upcoming charity drama "Kurumaisu De Boku Wa Sora Wo T...


kirtil 12 May, 2013
I found this one pleasantly refreshing.

It was not overly cheesy, and the problems mentioned was not presented in a way to induce maximum tear-jerking. I liked that disability was not used for a short-cut to melodrama and tears, but was just another aspect of the story.

If you are looking for a good inspirational movie; give this one a try. If you are looking for a good disability oriented title, I still rate boku no aruku michi better than this one.
watashiwachiaki 30 Mar, 2013
cute! & inspiring indeed <3
mhrzh 10 Jan, 2013
monjaelisa 30 Dec, 2012
Yep, Truthfully speaking.. This TV film had me in tears when we got closer to the end of the movie..
It is definately worth the watch, This sad story of Hasebe who lived his life to the fullest starting off from true regret. <3
tsuko 12 Sep, 2012
I agree with you xdsmile. It was good but not like door to door. Nino was as usual excellent but I don't know... The message is strong but so predictable. Could have been better I think.
But you should see it and see the power Nino has to make you cry ^^
xdsmile 09 Sep, 2012
good, but nothing special, it was a meaningful one. Life is precious after all.
Ueto Aya's role wasn't so important, so Aya's fans don't be surprise when you watch it.