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  • 2013
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized strawberry night
aka sutoroberii naito

Based On

based on book
title strawberry night
author Honda Tetsuya (誉田哲也)


genres crime, mystery, suspense


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 26 Jan, 2013
duration 127 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.65 of 5 by 62 users
total users 176
rating 226


strawberry night
2012 TV jp
strawberry night: after the invisible rain
2013 TV jp


A series of murders happens and the police assumes it to be a serial murder case. When Himekawa receives a hint about the murderer and gets told to leave it alone, she starts investigating on her own, only to find a truth that can hurt both her and the whole police force.


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Himekawa Reiko
Makita Isao
Wada Tooru
Kikuta Kazuo
Katsumata Kensaku
Ioka Hiromitsu


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Strawberry Night Specials Announced akiraka 4 posts 30 Dec, 2012 by sayitaintsojoe
Two separate television productions have been announced to coincide with the release of the upcoming motion picture "Strawberry Night," starring Takeuchi Yuuk...


reyascapes 25 Oct, 2016
If you're a fan of Himekawa and Kikuta and feel as strongly about them as I do (and boy do I feel strongly about them), this film will surely punch you (repeatedly) in the gut. I am bitter for all that they had built up in the drama to have it fall apart by the end of invisible rain. Yes, Himekawa will always have a darkness within her that she has to face every day, but couldn't Kikuta have been her light? For me, episode 11 was the end of the show. La la la.

Despite that, and although I hate to admit it, Yuko and Takao's chemistry was pretty on point. I think that's about it. I feel like there was a lack of screen time for the Himekawa team, which is why I fell in love with the drama in the first place.
reonsoru 23 Apr, 2016
Basically, everything @cintaamonyet said ^^

It has been a while since I saw the tv series, so I thought I wouldn't really remember the story line or characters anymore, but as soon as the movie started everything was back to how it was in the drama. Especially the characters and story telling have this distinct "Strawberry Night" touch to it that I remember liking before. However, the movie also shows our female heroin in a new light and digs deeper into her own darkness, which I thought was interesting and surprising.

Basically, I just wanted to pull Kikuta away every time he ran into Makita and Himekawa together ;A; I really liked Kikuta's silent support for Himekawa in the series, so it's unexpected they would make him suffer so much, but it provided a nice bit of lovestory to the movie that didn't feel out of place. And how Kikuta dealt with it at the end of the movie - super cool. Sorry, I know this wasn't the point of the drama but.... ^^;;;

All in all, interesting case and great scenario - dfeinitely and enjoyable watch!
cintaamonyet 11 Sep, 2015
Somehow, I didn't want to watch the movie because that would be the end of live-action Strawberry Night for me. But I was satisfied with it. You got to see Himekawa's (Takeuchi Yuko) vulnerable side and her trying to find justice, whatever the cost. However, I found the ending a bit...just felt the climax of the film fizzled so quickly, and sadly, "Strawberry Night: After the Invisible Rain" doesn't do any justice as to what happens after the events of the movie.

The soundtrack to the film was the cherry on top to this film. Cannot go wrong with Hayashi Yuuki's composition!
authenticdivine 06 Jul, 2012