ESC to close 3.58 (by 204 users)b1a4ui hello baby 비원에이포의 헬로 베이비
  • 2012
  • variety
  • Korea

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romanized b1a4ui hello baby
english B1A4's Hello Baby (literal)
aka Hello Baby 6, biwoneipoui hello beibi, B1A4의 헬로 베이비


genres comedy, family


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format variety
network KBS Joy


date 27 Jul, 2012 - 12 Oct, 2012
episodes 12
duration 60 minutes
air day Saturday
at 19:00 - 20:00
status released


avg. score 3.58 of 5 by 204 users
total users 417
rating 731
favorites 5


mblaqui hello baby
2012 variety kr
boyfriendui hello baby
2013 variety kr


In this season B1A4 will be taking care of two 5 year old babies. The band will walk around with them around the streets of Seoul to help the kids know the streets from a young age.


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03 Feb, 2013
As always in hello baby, there is an idol group and a few kids playing around with them. This time, for the country idols B1A4 they added the theme "sightseeing baby". So in short, they need to learn a lot about Korea and Seoul and travel around a lot and still do the same as in every hello baby season: They are adorable, interact with kids and have fun.

Compared to the MBLAQ season, they showed a lot less of the babies. Eunsol didn't really warm up to B1A4 (except for Gongchan) and Hyunwoo was cool and cute, but I guess he'd need another companion that would also get closer to the members to get fully attached. At the beginning of the show they showed B1A4 play around a lot while the babies were asleep or not here yet and stuff, but I felt like this was another season of "Sesame player". The members must've thought the same, then at one point in the episode they said "Sesame player is such a evil show!" ... ... It's fun, but not why I'm watching it. Give me more adorable moments with the children.

The end of it was sad but not as sad as in previous seasons. Still, the members were adorable and entertaining, so I'd definitely recommend to watch it if you like B1A4. The kids were cute and they had fun together - that's what makes this show so nice to watch. I think for children looking after children they did a good job, especially since they also have to take care to be entertaining for the viewers. B1A4 did good, and I finally got to know more about the members through this!
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089110 13 Mar, 2013
The two kids were cute, but then it didn't feel like a 'Hello Baby' show. They put more focus on just B1A4 rather than showing the kids with B1A4.
alexadm81 11 Jan, 2013
Liked it sooo much :D
foxygirl05 05 Sep, 2012
Lauren show up *__* I really miss the season with mblaq.
It feels more like a random B1A4 show than a new Hello Baby season -___-"[2]
stellybish 20 Aug, 2012
It feels more like a random B1A4 show than a new Hello Baby season -___-"
But anyway xD I'm still liking the show ~
roko 16 Aug, 2012
The babies don't show up that much...
mushuto 29 Jul, 2012
Waaa, the first episode was .. amazing <3 Baro ftw <3 And kids are sooo .. cuteeeeeeeee <3 <3 <3 i cant wait for episode 2 >.<
marroann 17 Jul, 2012
@stellybish lol couldn't have said it any better.. XD It's gonna be like seeing 10 babies together being all cute together.
roko 13 Jul, 2012
Yay! Can't wait!