ESC to close 3.05 (by 1135 users)binbou danshi: bomb bee men
  • 2008
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized binbou danshi: bomb bee men
aka binbo danshi: bomb bee men, binbou danshi: bon bii men


genres comedy


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network NTV (Nippon TV, 日本テレビ)


date 15 Jan, 2008 - 11 Mar, 2008
episodes 9
duration 54 minutes
air day Tuesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.05 of 5 by 1135 users
total users 2028
rating 3466
favorites 21



Koyama Kazumi is one person in Japan who would give away money to anyone who needs it. He never says no, and because of that he is always broke since nobody returns his money. That never seems to stop him from loaning others anyway, though.




Koyama Kazumi
Shiraishi Ryou
Hikita Shuuzou
Nakahara Mimi
Omu Omu
Teruyama Shuuji




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08 Nov, 2012
The main protagonists are idealistic people who are used by others and despised because of their naivety. Even so, they continue working through the hardships in life with a smile, never looking down on others, and giving their haters a hand once again, even while being despised by them.
Both dramas have a story about poor people. Plus, in both Yamada Yuu's character is alike.


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invincible 24 Jul, 2013
I started this because of Oguri but this is so boring ... i droppped this
dodi1d 20 Dec, 2012
it's kinda boring, but i enjoyed it because of Oguri Shun :)
Victoryyyy :DD
japanfreak 03 Nov, 2012
it was a really wonderful drama if there were some people like him in this world it would be a better place
the only thing that i didnt like was
why mimi said it was a 50/50 chance and choose the police man? ether she loved him or not or it wants to say something as stupid as she like them both ?
neoluchs 22 Sep, 2011
Love this drama forever and ever. It's so comedic yet so heartfelt. All of the actors did a great job. So underrated.
golden91 10 Jul, 2011
He's was The kind of "kind person" but It seems Good at the End
because he was able to find good job
mikku77 02 Jun, 2011
definitely changed my opinion about oguri shun. he is amazing in this one:)
thefreak 27 Dec, 2010
I watched the first episode and was like: "WTH?! Ô.o Who's that red smiling thing which is running past the screen?"
I found out it was Oguri Shun and was shocked for almost an hour XD This role is so different from his other ones.....but the drama doesn't hook me up so it's 'dropped' at the moment....maybe I'll give it a third try someday^^
d0npian0 03 Oct, 2010
That's the drama that finally totally convinced me of Oguri Shun. Before I didn't care so much about him, thanks to HanaKimi I disliked him a little but in Binbou Danshi he played a character so unusual from the other roles I've seen him in. I wished they'd give him more roles like that. I'm getting sick of all the cool guy roles. :/
Anyway, personally I really loved the drama. :D Very hilarious and kinda warm.