ESC to close 3.89 (by 1193 users)geu gyeoul, barami bunda 그 겨울, 바람이 분다
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized geu gyeoul, barami bunda
english That Winter, The Wind Blows (literal)
aka Wind Blows In Winter


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 13 Feb, 2013 - 03 Apr, 2013
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 21:55 - 23:05
status released


avg. score 3.89 of 5 by 1193 users
total users 2045
rating 4645
favorites 76


ai nante irane yo, natsu
2002 TV jp
sarangttawin piryoeopseo
2006 film kr
same setting


O Su was betrayed by a former girlfriend, leaving him with a criminal record and a dangerous debt worth billions. When the lawyer of a wealthy family arrives looking for a friend that recently passed away, a desperate Su claims to be the long lost son they have been searching for. The only other surviving family member, O Yeong, has become blind since the childhood departure of her mother and brother, and is immediately distrustful, used to being surrounded by people who only look out for their own interests. Even as Su is forced to find new ways to continue his ruse and gain her trust, he is unprepared when he begins to care for Yeong more than the money -- and as more than a sister. Regardless of the bond they forge, Su's debt as well as his lies still loom over his head, soon accompanied by the threatening deterioration of Yeong's health.




O Su
O Yeong
Park Jin Seong
Mun Hui Seon
Wang Hye Ji
Jo Mu Cheol




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29 Apr, 2013
That Winter, The Wind Blows is reminiscent of the older Korean dramas of the famous Seasons dramas. Melodramatic for sure, the show is buoyed greatly by fantastic acting.

The plot can get a bit tedious and does go into limbo in the middle. However, there are great moments interspersed throughout, which makes for a decent watch.

However, the highlight is the acting. The only other show I've seen Jo In Sung in was What Happened in Bali, and compared to that, he's amazing. You feel for his character and he takes you with him. While the rest of the cast does admirable, it's clearly Jo In Sung who takes the cake.

If you're a fan of melodramas or the Seasons dramas, this show is for you. Otherwise, give it a shot and see how it feels. Not for everyone, but it's done well.
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17 Mar, 2018
In both shows, the protagonist takes an identity of another person and enters a rich household. Whilst in there, the protagonist develops feelings for the person they're deceiving

22 Jun, 2014
Both series are about a man with a dark and violent past that comes back to haunt him, and the blind women he falls in love with. Though Always has a more lighthearted feel throughout the film, both Always and That Winter The Wind Blows have a very similar feel and plot.


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jeaudrey 21 Jan, 2017
It started off quite good and exciting with action scenes and everything, but somewhere in the middle I just couldn't stand watching it any more!! It was so slow and irritating, the characters were repeating the same things over and over and nothing was changing for around five to six episodes. =/ (2)
alex3 16 Jun, 2016
It was definitely a good watch, however I feel like it would be better if it was a little shorter (I was getting bored in some parts). I think actors did a great job, and I liked the 'mature' vibe from it.
bakaichi 24 Dec, 2015
4/5 stars the first half of the drama and absolute 0 the second. I was loving it but ?????

The drama in which it's not okay if a brother and a sister sleep in the same bed, but totally okay if the stepmother makes the daughter blind on purpose... WHAT. Why everyone seems to forget this? She absolutely needs to see a psychiatrist, she's fucked up in the head.

Too many WTF moments. The last episodes are pure nonsense, especially the last one. Random choices and random events that the writers didn't even care to explain.

Soo and Jin Sung win the game, but then Boss Kim threaten Jin Sung with the well-being of his family, who presumably gets hit by a truck, if he doesn't kill Soo. So Ji Sung stab Soo who was on a roof for whatever reason he was there (shouldn't he be headed to the hospital?)... And then BOOM! future and everyone is fine and no explanation whatsoever...

WHAT HAPPENED?! What kind of end is this? Did Boss Kim just decided that he didn't want his "revenge" any more, after he wanted them dead since first episode? Did he have a change of heart? "Oh! It doesn't matter you didn't kill Soo, I was just kidding with your family, let's forget everything!" ??

I feel like I've missed watching or slept during entire episodes...
I'm at loss, it was totally random.
dashuu 16 Jun, 2015
one of my faves! I came here because I miss it so much! especially Jo In Sung and the beautiful design of this top nothc drama. I hated Jo In Sung for years, I fell for him in this drama, thats how good it is!
jangminhae 26 Feb, 2015
@zaharisa hey! thanks for reading my comment! >.<
I didn't like Jo In Seong's acting in this drama, even though I liked him in "It's Ok, It's Love"...
Maybe it was just the character (toooo dramatic and everything) but I didn't like him.. =/
zaharisa 26 Feb, 2015
@jangminhae Thank you. I hightly regard your opinion, although at times it doesn't support mine. I've been burned at times by an overly dramatic dramas. I was wondering if i should give that drama a try (although it also seemed as one), since Jo In Seong is in it (but if his acting in it also is bad.. then.. I will just miss it). again- thank you. :)
jangminhae 26 Feb, 2015
It started off quite good and exciting with action scenes and everything, but somewhere in the middle I just couldn't stand watching it any more!! It was so slow and irritating, the characters were repeating the same things over and over and nothing was changing for around five to six episodes. =/
I just kept watching because it was only 16 episodes long, otherwise I would have dropped it long before!! (and I should have!!!)
I didn't like Song Hye Gyo's blind acting and Jo In Seong's acting was no better in this drama..
However, I just loved Jin Seong and Hui Seon couple!!! (faaaaaaar more than the main couple)
I didn't like the end. Pointless scenes and this one-year-later label, ahhhh..!!! It can drive me insane in this kind of dramas!!! Anyway, there were too many ananswered questions at the end and overall the ending was leniently crappy. =|

Nothing much to expect from a soap opera (-like) show...
Don't watch it.
Average: 2/5
jessicarose 17 Dec, 2014
I enjoyed this drama a lot but got disappointed by the end. Seriously?! I just need a justification for Secretary Wang's actions not just half words. And So Ra's disappearance got me annoyed. I luv Oh Soo with all my heart though