ESC to close 3.26 (by 35 users)genome hazard: aru tensai kagakusha no 5 kakan
  • 2014
  • film
  • Japan, Korea

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romanized genome hazard: aru tensai kagakusha no 5 kakan
aka Nameless Person, genomu hazaado: aru tensai kagakusha no 5 kakan, mumyeongin, 무명인, 無名人

Based On

based on book
title genome hazard
author Tsukasaki Shirou (司城志朗)


genres action, mystery, suspense


language Japanese, Korean


country Japan, Korea
type real
format film


date 24 Jan, 2014
duration 120 minutes
status finished


avg. score 3.26 of 5 by 35 users
total users 61
rating 114



Ishigami Takehito is an artist who comes home to find a surprise gone wrong. His wife is dead on the floor and soon the police arrive. But, few things are as they seem, and Ishigami races to discover what's wrong with his memory with the help of Gang Ji Won.


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Ishigami Taketo
Gang Ji Won
O Jin U
Ibuki Katsuhiko
Doctor Satou Eisuke


director, screenwriter
original creator


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d0npian0 16 May, 2015
That really was fun and showed how well co-productions can go if you do them right! Imho it had exactly the right amount of a very Japanese science story and very Korean action.
And I love how exact they were with the language. Normally in movies they don't really think things through and pretend that people are fluent in a language although they clearly have a strange accent.
Kim Hyo Jin's Japanese wasn't flawless but she really sounded like a Korean who just happens to know Japanese really well.
Nishijima had barely any Korean lines... which seemed strange at first when they suddenly turned him Korean but actually made sense because Ishigami's memories overlapped those of Oh Jin Woo until the end. I like how they even made it a point that Ishigami/Oh only occasionally understood Korean, not all the time because that just showed how messed up his memories were. I really loved that part because it showed that they really thought it through. And I'm really glad that they dubbed Nishijima in the end. In other movies they would have made him deliver lines with a heavy Japanese accent, but this movie decided to be accurate instead.

Oh and I probably totally sound like a nerd, but I also really like how they just incorporated a Korean permanent resident in Yuri (whose actress even is of Korean descent as I just realized. Talk about realistic casting!). I guess it would make sense for a Korean in Japan to marry someone of Korean descent. Like, I love how they included all these details into something that could have just been an action movie with many explosions and people whose accents are all over the place.
crazzy4ever 13 Oct, 2014
I was looking forward to this one. it was good but the story has a reaaaally slow progress and could use a little more action.