ESC to close 3.36 (by 261 users)yuan lai shi mei nan 原來是美男
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Taiwan

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romanized yuan lai shi mei nan
english Fabulous Boys
aka You're Beautiful, yuen loi si mei naam, 原来是美男


genres comedy, drama, romance, friendship, music


language Mandarin


country Taiwan
type real
format TV
network FTV


date 12 May, 2013 - 04 Aug, 2013
episodes 13
duration 90 minutes
air day Sunday
at 22:00 - 23:30
status finished


avg. score 3.36 of 5 by 261 users
total users 716
rating 878
favorites 7


minami sineyo
2009 TV kr
same setting
ikemen desu ne
2011 TV jp


After nun in training Gao Mei Nu receives the news that her twin brother can't arrive to his first introduction as a new member of a famous group and his dream singing career is in danger, she is persuaded by his manager to impersonate him and infiltrate the all boys band as its newest member. And from then on, she becomes one of the boys.


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Huang Tai Qing
Jiang Shen Yu
Gao Mei Nü
Tai Qing's Mother





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honey 27 Sep, 2014
It is amazing how there can be three versions of the same story, and depending on how the people act their roles, you can like different characters all the time!
For You'e Beautiful, Shinwoo was my number one from start to ending. Of course I also liked Taekyung, but never as much as I liked Shinwoo. And then there was Ikemen desu ne, where I completely adored Ren from beginning to end. He just played so nice and well. And this time, I can not stop cheering for Jeremy! This version of Jeremy is just so cute and lovely, I adore how he acts everything. It's not even the looks that make me change characters (because if it was that, I'd love Jeremy in Ikemen desu ne and ShenYu in this one), I just love how different they are played.

I will probably write a proper review later, but this drama took a long time to build up for me. The first 5 episodes were hard to watch, I had to keep myself going and awake. But now (ep. 8) I start to think "already over?" at the end of each episode instead. Feels good, because the story isn't worse than the others.
Can't wait to add this one to my completed list. ^^
dollstar 05 Jan, 2014
Being the 2nd remake, this drama had a clear disadvantage from the start for everyone who saw the other versions, myself included. I admit I was bored at times, the story is not that marvelous to warrant going through it 3 times with your eyes peeled at the screen. Some more changes to the plot to differentiate itself from the other versions would've helped. Even so, I thought this was a good remake. They improved upon some aspects, especially the ending and the romantic scenes received an upgrade.

Jiro Wang was great. He did a different interpretation of Tai Qing (which was great, because JGS had already nailed Tae Kyung) and managed to hold his own. His Tai Qing was more likable and more humane. Su Li Wen was commendable for her first main role, although it was clear she didn't have the acting chops to pull off the more emotional scenes and they ended up being kind of flat at first, but she improved a lot in the 2nd half. She did manage to be the least annoying Mei Nan for me though.

Evan Yo was alright, but he needed more scenes/development. In Deok was the weakest link here I think, he was just kind of there and didn't have much screen presence. They made him too persistent, Shin Woo was annoying enough in the original. The biggest problem to me was that the 3 boys didn't seem close enough or like an actual group, they had too little chemistry. A shoutout to the supporting cast, they were great, maybe even the best out of the 3 versions (especially Jenna Wang playing Xin Ning/He Yi, I actually liked this character here).
hiroyuki 01 Jan, 2014
After You're beautiful and Ikemen desu ne... this version bored me. :/ Episodes were too long, Mei Nan was too irritating and annoying >.< I only liked Jiang Shen Yu. He was great. Alone.
lenam 24 Nov, 2013
There is a saying: when you change a pig into a bear, all goes messed up...

So to be honest, I like it. There was 13 episodes so it was not to long or dragging...

Still it hasn't anything special/new. It is the same setting as korean ver, but they could give sth new,sth that would make it a little different.

In general, fun to watch but not a must.
litaap 14 Sep, 2013
Very good :)
Loved it!
smaclair 23 Aug, 2013
So, the names are the same as the Korean Version, in terms of the characters?
curi 11 Aug, 2013
I really loved it! The ending, as sweet as it was, kind of left me feeling unsatisfied though.
vanityfull 20 Jun, 2013
@stellybish watch on viki. whole series is subbed.