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  • 2013
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized kazoku game
english The Family Game (literal)
aka kazoku geemu

Based On

based on novel
title kazoku game
author Honma Youhei (本間洋平)


genres drama, family, mystery, suspense, psycholog.


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV


date 17 Apr, 2013 - 19 Jun, 2013
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Wednesday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status finished


avg. score 4.22 of 5 by 556 users
total users 968
rating 2349
favorites 48


kazoku game
1983 film jp
same setting


Yoshimoto Kouya, a home tutor who has a mysterious past, visits Numata family upon a request to educate their son, Shigeyuki, who is withdrawn socially because of bullying. After Yoshimoto holds a short family meeting, he decides to accept the offer. As per the process of education, he disintegrates the family and drives it to collapse.




Yoshimoto Kouya
Numata Shinichi
Numata Kayoko
Numata Shigeyuki
Numata Kazushige
Asami Maika




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09 Aug, 2013
In both, a weird outsider intrudes into a seemingly normal family and helps change their ways by breaking them apart.

20 Jun, 2013
Both dramas talk about an outsider, who has a mysterious past, intruding upon a family with problems and trying to solve them in weird, yet effective means.


"Kazoku Game" Revived In 2013; Sakurai Shou Starring akiraka 1 posts 04 Feb, 2013 by akiraka
It was recently announced that Arashi member Sakurai Shou is to star in the upcoming Fuji TV drama series "Kazoku Game" (The Family Game), based on the novel ...


lorekk223 01 Jan, 2015
It's... amazing.

I'm still shocked.

Amazing. Amazing.
ephie 26 Sep, 2014

funny, scary, I don't know what to wait... still in 6th episode but i think i will finish this drama very soon ^^

hidde 14 May, 2014
A really good mix of mystery, drama and comedy.
ending was toooo happy to be true, but its warm to see them become a real family after all
reonsoru 21 Mar, 2014
So far, I am really impressed with this drama as well as Sho's acting.

I am not gonna say too much, since I don't want to spoil the experience.

Just this much: The main character isn't exactly nice and the drama has a lot of critism towards society so far.

If you like slightly darker dramas, you might feel intrigued to watch this one as well.

Update: I posted review on my blog now that I finished watching the drama! ^ ^
beautifur 12 Jan, 2014
Very good drama, quite disturbing at times as bullying is a very delicate matter.
First time seeing Sakurai's acting and enjoyed it. His character was interesting and complex, I think he did quite a good job portraying it. Same with Kamiki, I really liked his acting, especially in the last scene. Oh and soooo many plot twists, I was going crazy! Not to mention that ii nee phrase will hunt me forever lol

The ending though.

Was everything a lie?! We'll never know....
crimsonrae 23 Nov, 2013
I really liked this drama, I had high expectations on this one because is rated here with 4.3. I'm not disappointed and ended seeing it in 2 days.
I can get way there's a recommendation for kaseifu no mita, because they both have that kind of psychological game were you don't really know exactly what is going to happen and what is the real truth, although this on is a bit heavier and darker sometimes.
Both Sakurai and Kamiki did an amzing job.

That scene in the end, after the credits and stuff, when Shinichi asks Yoshimoto if that story is really true, kinda left me wondering...
watashiwachiaki 07 Nov, 2013
interesting drama. highly recommended.

LOL at all the stuff shinichi said before saying Thank You to Sho's character (lol I don't know what name to address him, Yoshimoto Kouya or Tago Yuudai)

at the beginning of ep 10 tho,
I've been thinking which is the truth. coz I have the slight feeling that Shinichi was able to find Mizukawa Sara because Yoshimoto wanted him to. you know what mean... gwah! everything seemed planned!
telmaceres87 03 Oct, 2013
Ótimo drama!
Fazia um bom tempo que eu não via um j-drama tão bom.
Final surpreendente.