ESC to close 3.4 (by 215 users)dakishimetai: shinjitsu no monogatari
  • 2014
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized dakishimetai: shinjitsu no monogatari
english I Want To Hold You
aka i just wanna hug you

Based On

based on real story


genres romance, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 01 Feb, 2014
duration 123 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.4 of 5 by 215 users
total users 527
rating 731
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Masaki leads a normal life, spending his time working as a taxi driver and meeting his friends to play basketball. Even though he leads a normal life, at some point, he meets Tsukasa. Because of a car accident, she lost her ability to walk. After she overcame hard times, she found her confidence again and now knows what she wants and how she wants to life. Which is pretty impressive for Masaki, who even ends up falling in love with Tsukasa. But how can he make his and her family understand that he doesn't mind taking care of her and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her?


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Yamamoto Tsukasa
Koyanagi Masaki
Tsukasa's Friend
Masaki's Mother


director, screenwriter


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10 Jan, 2015
Masaki has a very calm life, where he works as a Taxi driver and meets his friends to play basketball regularly. One day, when he arrives at the sportshall, there are many handicapped people there, arguing with his friends. It seems the hall was rented twice by accident. And that's how he met Tsukasa. She got into an accident and can't walk, but after a tough fight with herself, she found her confidence again and knows where she wants to go in life. And through her, Masaki also finally finds his path in life. But how can he make his and Tsukasa family clear, that he wants to take care of a handicapped person for the rest of his and her life?

From the storyline itself I already knew there would be a good amount of tears flowing at some point. But it went better than expected, because Keiko Kitagawa played a lovely Tsukasa! Her character was delivered very well and I loved her. I could fell and understand her struggle and loved her for everything she did.

On the other hand, Nishikido Ryo wasn't bad either, but I couldn't always understand his character. I couldn't see Masakis love for Tsukasa growing, which actually added to the story a lot, because Tsukasa also didn't seem to understand when, why and how he fell for her. I would just have wished that I could understand Masaki a bit better.

On the other hand, props to Ryo for carrying her around so much. Especially in the snow and when it was so cold.

From the story, I'd say it was a cute story, but if I wasn't a Ryo fan, I'd probably only rate it 3*. He was lovely to look at and the romance was cute. It was sad and touching. But then again, I felt like some explanation was lacking and thus deducted one star.

What I have to praise is how Keiko and Ryo look together. They really looked like a good couple and I loved to watch them. They even had very natural problems that every couple and weren't all lovey-dovey or had only problems that were related to her being handicapped. For me, this story was perfectly lovable. I'd suggest you to watch it, if you want a cute and a little bit sad love story or love the actors.
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eunhye 17 Jan, 2016
daredaniel 16 Jul, 2015
wow... this film is a waste of time. shame on you Shiota Akihiko.
dodi1d 02 Mar, 2015
EDIT: nothing special, was average.
trixi 27 Feb, 2014
Ryo-chan was so cool in this film! It did made me cry but it wasn't a masterpiece...
dodi1d 12 Dec, 2013
Oh god i just can't wait!!!!


Keiko i envy you $______________$
sukimatsuura 02 Nov, 2013
OMG! *_*
cant wait~~~~~~ >w