ESC to close 3.95 (by 1006 users)code blue: doctor helicopter kinkyuu kyuumei 2nd season
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized code blue: doctor helicopter kinkyuu kyuumei 2nd season
aka code blue 2, koodo buruu: dokutaa heri kinkyuu kyuumei 2nd season


genres drama, medical


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 11 Jan, 2010 - 01 Mar, 2010
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.95 of 5 by 1006 users
total users 1719
rating 3976
favorites 53


code blue: doctor helicopter kinkyuu kyuumei
2008 TV jp
code blue: doctor helicopter kinkyuu kyuumei 3rd season
2017 TV jp


The four interns have three months left to become a flight doctor and with graduation quickly approaching, each person starts to think about what his life will be after graduation.


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Aizawa Kousaku
Fujikawa Kazuo
Hiyama Mihoko
Shiraishi Megumi
Saejima Haruka
Mitsui Kanna




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06 Dec, 2010
Completed this one as well. I can't say for sure which of the two seasons I like more, this or the previous. They were both outstanding. The same goes for the special as well. One of the few dramas where the special actually fits the story, and helps for it's completition, inspead of just standing there for nothing. What's more is that while the first season was somehow more centered around the patients, this one was more about the doctors themselves and I liked that, really much. Being a doctor, what matters is not only how you treat your patients, but what person you are as well, so the drama really manages to make you like the main heroes for what they are. I was surprised a little bit at the end, because I thought Aizawa will stay in lifesaving, but it's still okay. Very good drama, indeed. Good example that Japanese can make serious and dramatic shows as well.
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alexadm81 05 Apr, 2014
I don't usually watch that many Japanese dramas, but this one was the best I've watched until now. I wasn't bored a single time!
dodi1d 08 Jun, 2013
I enjoyed it, it's better than the first season.
invincible 18 Jul, 2012
This was great drama. I think this was a little better than first season.
sayitaintsojoe 26 Mar, 2012
justironic 14 Mar, 2012

But I loved it just as much as the first season. Amazing.
malice 22 Sep, 2011
i enjoyed this more than the first season. i was truly beautiful.
witch0o0 10 Aug, 2011
It was so cool I love this drama ..
In this season I feel the change in the tools, clothes ..
so this is a good point .. also they talk about the families of the doctors..
I think It was hard for Yamashita Tomohisa to act in this drama as you know his father leave him << In the real life
If it was me I think it will be so hard T.T
as I see Aizawa Kousaku was the best actor ,, I learned a lot of thing from this drama ..
am too sad because I've finished the drama
I wish all the best for the people #.<
I wish to be a great doctor just like Kousaku kun ^^
suketeru 27 Jun, 2011
After re-watching it I know what you mean. Though I had the same thought as when I first watched this season; imo they needed to show certain aspects of lifesaving that they didn't show in season 1. Flight doctors aren't miracle workers and sometimes people die. They of course also had to come up with more drastic situations, otherwise it would have been a repeat of season 1.
They also wanted to stress, imo, the point that doctors are human. They make mistakes, and they need to relax and get their minds off work sometimes.

That said, I must admit all the emotional scenes and crying got me a little worn out after a while ^^; Definitely should watch something else along with this drama! XD