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  • 2013
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized hk: hentai kamen
literal HK: Pervert Mask
aka HK/変態仮面

Based On

based on manga
title kyuukyoku!! hentai kamen (究極!!変態仮面)
author Ando Keishuu (あんど慶周)


genres action, comedy, sfx, erotic


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 06 Apr, 2013
duration 105 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.31 of 5 by 195 users
total users 334
rating 645


hk: hentai kamen ~ abnormal crisis
2016 film jp


Kyousuke is a rather shy boy. But when he finds a girls panty and puts it on his face, he suddenly turns into Hentai Kamen, some kind of perverted super hero, who gets super powers when wearing use underwear. While he tries to keep his identity secret, he faces a lot of evil. And when he falls in love with Aiko, he actually has a reason to fight all the evil he faces, but also needs to face a new fear: what if she finds out about his perverted super hero identity?




Shikijou Kyousuke
Himeno Aiko
Shikijou Maki
Oogane Tamao
Shikijou Hario


director, screenwriter


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22 Sep, 2013
Shijikou Kyousuke is the love child of a M police officer and an S domina-gangster. But he is lucky, in his DNA are both of their parts, S and M, so one day, when his crush is kept a hostage, his hidden Hentai Kamen (=masked pervert) power awakes when he puts on a females panty on his head, thinking that it was the mask of the gangsters. And since then, he fights the evil guys with his Hentai Kamen power.

After reading the synopsis, I will suggest you one thing: Watch it with friends, who like strange movies. And if you'll watch it alone, then approach it not with the thought of "I want to watch a good movie" but more with the thought of "This is going to be so strange!".

I really have to say, I liked this movie. Even though it was strange and riddiculous, I loved how everything in the storyline still made sense. Of course the theme is a bit pervy, but thinking about how good Hentai Kamens body looks, I am actually thankful for the pervyness of the movie. It is fun, nothing serious and still has a cute and fun story. It's like a good parody on all the superhero movies that people seem to love recently.

With that said, please only watch it if you are old enough. The Hentai Kamen fights with his crown jewels, so if you are too young to laugh about it, you might not be able to enjoy the movie.

For me, this is a masterpiece. Not for the epic storyline, but for the good balance of strangeness, story, acting and the good humor. Watch it at parties!
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22 Jun, 2014
Both are kind of erotic and mature films based of their respective manga series, which include BDSM and lots of exotic stuff.


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poulminjae 03 Mar, 2016
Don't even know how to rate it [3]
It was funny and I enjoyed watching it but it wasn't something you can rate...
I've watched it almost two year ago and I still don't know how to rate it xD
beautifur 07 May, 2015

It was sooo ridiculously funny, I laughed so much I cried. Suzuki Ryouhei is so hot omg like, look at that body! Cute face too! So yeah, it was very entertaining yet disturbing in a way and even though I usually give 1 star to movies like this, I'm gonna go with 4 stars this time cause I had so much fun watching it. And the dialogues were epic too XD

I reaaally want to know how Oguri Shun came up with this... lol
misekeith 25 Mar, 2015
Don't even know how to rate it XD [2]
No, seriously, I don't know if I should feel unduly amused or absolutely frightened by what I just watched.
The parody per se was amazing, but Hentai Kamen's battling techniques were soooo disturbing. XD
irresi 04 Mar, 2015
That's why I think Japan is full of weird people xD Don't even know how to rate it :D
rashinhye 14 Aug, 2014
dlgirl 03 Aug, 2014
OMG this movie. I really wonder what I have watched. It was so silly, funny and omg XD This really is a movie that fits with the "I watched it for the plot". Damn, Suzuki Ryouhei, nice body!
r0lan 03 Jun, 2014
I thought i've seen all of Japan's trashy movie from Gothic & Lolita Psycho to Dead Sushi to Karate Girl etc etc but this movie was just too friggn hilarious :'D

It's not even great but I really enjoyed watching this it was just so quirky and awkward and perverted hahaha

2/5 for the movie, but i'd watch it again for laughs with friends xD
hiroyuki 28 Mar, 2014
THIS MOVIE JUST KILLED ME O___O" I wanted to commit suicide after 5 minutes... if you didn't watch this movie, don't ever think about watching it. NEVER. EVER. Just dont. You won't miss anything.

Oguri Shun was the screenwriter?! Are you kidding?!!!! Gosh no... And Shunsuke was "Fresh Mask" omg I didn't recognized him what's wrong with me? What's wrong with him? What's wring with japanese people?!!! TAT