ESC to close 3.2 (by 280 users)46 okunen no koi
  • 2006
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized 46 okunen no koi
english Big Bang Love, Juvenile A
literal 4.6 Billion Years Of Love
aka yonjuu roku okunen no koi

Based On

based on book
title shounen a erejii
author Masaki Ato (正木亜都)


genres crime, drama


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 26 Aug, 2006
duration 85 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.2 of 5 by 280 users
total users 433
rating 896
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Ariyoshi Jun used to work at a gay bar until he was raped by a customer. He went into a frenzy and brutally killed the man, which resulted in Jun going to jail. Soon he meets Kazuki Shirou, a violent young man with a lot of strange tattoos on his body. There's a clear attraction between the two young men since the very first second. But then something happens. Jun strangles Shirou in a common area of the prison as tears roll down his cheeks. Then he turns around and sees one of the guards has witnessed the scene, so he says 'I killed him'. Is Jun really the murderer? If so, what was his reason for it?




Ariyoshi Jun
Kazuki Shirou
Assistant Police Inspector
Police Inspector


costume designer


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07 Feb, 2011
Takashi Miike has released a beautiful work of art. This movie, so far, may be one of his best creations.

Miike's signature has a strong presence in the movie: the tangled, highly detailed and complex plot combined with his awesome eye for the visual arts. The movie came together beautifully, and the cast was very well chosen.

I was already excited when I heard that Matsuda Ryuuhei was cast as one of the lead males since I consider his acting fine and refined. But then Andou Masanobu took my breath away. The acting of both men was amazing (actually, the whole cast was awesome). They could perfectly portray the relationship between Kazuki (Andou) and Ariyoshi (Matsuda); Miike did not give a blunt description of their relationship, their love was not certain but implied, and that's surprising for me because I am used to homosexual relationships having a dominant role in the storylines.

I can't decide which caught more my attention, the visual aspects of the movie (the scene with light piercing through Ariyoshi's chest was done so very well) or the plot that hides a hidden message.

To finish this review, I have to mention that far from being a tragic movie it was actually full of Miike's sense of humor (which I didn't expect due to the heavy and shocking details the storyline revolves around). Some people may find this type of humor distasteful, but I think it adds to the plot.
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emmanuellemaia 30 Dec, 2015
I agree with every word "dollstar" said, Ryuhei and Andou acting was awesome and I personally think it was a really good movie that will give you something to think about for hours
greyhippo 10 Dec, 2013
It's very different. Not a fan of it but it wasn't to bad
dollstar 04 Sep, 2013
I remember watching this movie some time ago and it was a great experience, both thematically and visually. I think at least some of the symbolism is not that hard to get, but there are certain scenes/aspects that went over my head, so I definitely have to rewatch it. But I have to laugh at a few reviews I've read that took everything in this movie literally, I mean, how dense can some people be to take this movie completely at face value?
yuya 10 Feb, 2013
Weird... but beautiful
hiroyuki 03 Apr, 2011
I didn't understand... What? When? Where? Why? Hm...
flcl 07 Nov, 2010
Rather weird movie. I didn't manage to capture the point of this, but let's just say it was beautiful.