ESC to close 4.21 (by 607 users)gi hwanghu 기황후
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized gi hwanghu
english Empress Ki
aka the empress ki, empress qi, the warring flowers, qi empress, hwatu, 화투


genres action, comedy, drama, history, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 28 Oct, 2013 - 29 Apr, 2014
episodes 51
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status finished


avg. score 4.21 of 5 by 607 users
total users 1230
rating 2554
favorites 103



Gi Seung Nyang is a Goryeo girl who later becomes Empress Gi of the Yuan dynasty. This drama depicts her life, her love, her political influence and her struggle between both country she serves.




Gi Seung Nyang
Wang Yu
Ta Hwan
Ta Na Sil Li
Tal Tal
Baek An




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24 Jan, 2015
I am rarely ever so wrapped up in a drama and its characters.

This was my first long sageuk that I watched and to those that are scared away by the length I can say that this drama never dragged at any point. The pacing was really quite excellent up until the end, where I actually felt that it was a bit rushed.

I will talk about the characters first because they are the reason I enjoyed this so much. If you want to watch a drama about happy characters who make admirable choices and lead happy lives this is not your show. These characters are all full of flaws and there were numerous times where their actions infuriated me, and yet all the actions that they took were believable in the context of their situation. Seung Nyang is fiercely independent and is difficult to read at times, but her stiff, cold attitude is part of why she is able to survive in her circumstances. Wang Yoo is your typical heroic knight character, but he gets more interesting as he takes on a more active part in the political drama. And Ta Hwan--I must say I was impressed by Ji Chang Wook's acting, and that he was more than just a very pretty face. Ta Hwan is actually quite a pitiful character and could easily be disliked for his foolishness/uselessness/delinquency--call it what you will. Yet I could sympathize with his character. He is a victim of the vicious characters around him who are all vying for power, and many of his faults can be attributed to his upbringing in that toxic environment. All these characters do despicable things, but in the end I came to adore almost all of them. I actually liked the other characters more than the 3 mains. El Temur is such a superior antagonist and he was a huge part of why I enjoyed the story.

Which brings me to the soundtrack--the soundtrack is epic, which is appropriate for a historical drama. El Temur's theme was my all time favourite leitmotif.

Visually, this drama was astounding. They chose a vivid colour palette for the scenes within the palace, which was quite pleasing to watch. This was definitely a high budget project.

As for the storyline, I realize this drama received a lot of criticism for not being historically accurate. I will just review the storyline that the writers have given us. The political intrigue drove the storyline forward, and kept me interested throughout the entirety of the show. Only a few aspects bothered me. One of which were the cheesy loveline scenes at the beginning. One thing to keep in mind is that these characters generally do not have healthy, equal relationships. I would not watch this show looking for great romance. That being said, I did enjoy watching the intricacies of the relationships. The only other aspect that bothered me was the last story arc that I felt could have been better explored--they were nearing the end of their 51 episodes and I felt they tried to pack too many elements in. Even so, I was quite satisfied with the ending.

Having said all that, this drama had me on a rollercoaster of feelings throughout its length, which I actually didn't feel to be so long in the end. The complicated collection of characters and the interesting storyline pulled me along.
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17 Oct, 2014
In my opinion the best drama I have ever seen.

I can say without doubt that this is a really masterpiece.

Honestly I was so lazy to watch it because when I saw it had 51 chapters I was like "wow no" but once I started watching it I couldn't stop.

The OST is amazing, the story interesting and the characters hilarious. All them. The thing I like the most about Empress Ki is that the characters are kind of... realistic? All them have good and bad things and all them fight for the thing "they think is correct" so you can actually understand the point of view of the "bad characters" and sometimes you can think that the "good ones" are not that good.

And well, what should I saw, Jin Yi-han (my favourite actor ever) is in the drama and his character is probably the best one! (maybe one of the few characters who are really good hearted?) but the roles are all hilarious.

So, to sum up, don't be scary about the lenght, if you enjoy of exciting stories where will happen things that you don't expect, realistic characters who change and grow up mentally and amazing historical places and clothes... this is your drama! You won't regret it.
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13 Mar, 2016
Both series take place during the Joseon period, featuring a lady who pretends to be a man and later falls in love with the king.

07 Aug, 2015
Both historical dramas are relatively long, and focus on the main characters struggling to get to the throne, starting from nothing. They are both very political and dramatic with a twist of romance and comedy.


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danisensei 02 Apr, 2017
Amazing drama! It seemed kind of 'meh' in the first eps, probably bc it was the 'introduction' to the whole story (since to understand the end one gotta know how everything started, right), and I thought it was going to be just another melodrama, but man... it kept me caught just more and more. I thought those 51 eps would be dragging, but I finished it faster than I imagined. Unlike most dramas, it doesn't give away easily how events will turn out to be. And the cast/acting is flawless! I loved it and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!
Oh, and Ha Ji Won... gorgeous, like always! My favourite Korean actress! <3

I just wonder if it was only me shipping Tal Tal and Nyang?
Aw, how I wished they had ended up together, after the Emperor was sadly gone! *.*
jeaudrey 10 Mar, 2017
At episode 32 I'm enraged by certain characters that I sometimes want to stop watching it (2)
I can't stand the king and nyang relashionship
jessicarose 02 Mar, 2017
At episode 32 I'm enraged by certain characters that I sometimes want to stop watching it. Tanasiri gets me so fucking furious. I just want her dead. She's the reason why I won't never ever rewatch this EVEEEER.
frannam 08 Jan, 2017
Que saudades desse sageuk maravilhoso e de TaNyang! ♥
ilate 02 Dec, 2016
Definitely a very good drama, though I admit I got bored sometimes. The closing scene was so powerful though, I will forever remember this drama because of it. Watch it, even if it means you have to struggle through 51 episodes to see the ending.
jd13 29 Nov, 2016
in the beginning it was nothing special, i kept on watching cause i was curious who will she choose in the end, the king or the emperor. And then in ep 22 the story became so gripping and simply good that i haven't got bored till the very end and it was totally worth passing through these rather mediocre first episodes. However, what i appreciate most in the drama is the characters which are very complex and are evolving throughout the story, some are difficult to judge and even the good ones have their sins
tamayatz 23 Sep, 2016
Such a great drama! I'm only at ep 16 but hoping this would never end.
alex3 06 Aug, 2016
Well, I can already tell this will be an emotional one
ep 5 and im already sad