ESC to close 3.43 (by 278 users)susanghan gajeongbu 수상한 가정부
  • 2013
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized susanghan gajeongbu
english The Suspicious Housekeeper (literal)
aka the mysterious housekeeper, the mystery housemaid, the strange housekeeper, the housekeeper, housekeeper park bok nyeo, 가정부 박복녀


genres comedy, family, mystery


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 23 Sep, 2013 - 26 Nov, 2013
episodes 20
duration 80 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:20
status released


avg. score 3.43 of 5 by 278 users
total users 605
rating 954
favorites 2


kaseifu no mita
2011 TV jp


Eun Sang Chul is left with four children to take care of after the sudden death of his wife. He decides to hire a housekeeper named Park Bok Nyeo to work for the family. Bok Nyeo is a bit strange, being perfect in what she does, though also unsociable, not showing her feelings or smiling because of her past. Bok Nyeo will help the family's healing process.




Park Bok Nyeo
Eun Sang Cheol
Eun Han Gyeol
Eun Du Gyeol
Eun Se Gyeol
Eun Hye Gyeol




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21 Aug, 2016
The female protagonists in both are strange women, who don't like to talk and are nevertheless professionals in their field of work. Both have a traumatic past which affects their dress code and ethics.


Choe Ji U Returns After Two Years With 'Suspicious Housekeeper' sara 1 posts 31 Jul, 2013 by sara
Actress Choe Ji U was casted in the upcoming SBS Monday and Tuesday drama 'Suspicious Housekeeper' as it was revealed through a press release on Wednesday b...


alexadm81 20 Apr, 2017
Very very good drama! Choi Ji Woo did an amazing job! I'm surprised she didn't get an award for this role...
The kids also played so good!

The ending was touching!

The scene where she was trying to smile for the first time since her family was alive proved what a great actress she is. The way she was forcing herself at first, then tears flowing on her face and at last a wide smile... So touching.

The reason why I'm not giving this drama 5/5 is because the plot could have had more suspense but it wasn't boring at all. The drama was so interesting through 20 episodes! Recommended.
hiroyuki 08 Feb, 2016
This is a great drama. Highly recommend it.
sansain 05 Dec, 2013
The ending was...
Perfect. You almost never see the ending like this in Korean dramas. I never forget that smile =)
sarahohimesama 27 Nov, 2013
awesome underrated drama!!! it was shadowed by other dramas at the same time slot :(

Choi Ji Woo did an amazing job in this drama and the male lead too and most of all the kids!! they were awesome their acting is better than some adult actors/actresses!! xD

anyway if you want to watch a unique kdrama with a family theme this is ideal for you...
solina 27 Nov, 2013
finally finished this was good..cried in the last episode too much
hephzibah 23 Oct, 2013
Until ep. 8. I was not that impressed... I watched it, becouse it was different, and I was curious what will come out of this.
But to tell the truth I was not that invested in it... I couldn't really care for all the kids, their problemes felt a bit forced... And the father! I was just: Oh, go to hell already! Annoying! You not ready for being a father? Sorry, look around! You bacame one 17 years ago! And after that, YOU were the one who made THREE more kids...

On the funny side: Every time he was going: Yun Song Hwa-ssi! I was like: Oh, not that shit again! He was obsessed with a woman with a (near)same name before, and look what that brought him to! :D Well, all I was hearing: Yun Seo Hwa, Yun Seo Hwa! :D I cound not take it seriously after that...
Sorry, my fault... :D

And now, we are at the point (from ep. 9...) where we can go to the story of the housekeeper...
I waited reeeeaaaally long for that!!!
And it did get better!
O.K. Maybe I am biased... I did not even know Song Jong Ho will appear on this! (Lucky me! If I had known, I wouldn't be this patient with the show! I would have been, like: Oh, come on! Faster! Faster! To the part when he will appear!)
Well, he can do anything! I will watch it willingly, with an imbecilic smile on my face...

I will put away the jokes!
The show really did become a little bit more interesting. Well, at least it has a potential now, not being only the drama where the sad (strange?) housekeeper will make the sad kids smile again, and the kids in return will do the same for her, and then they will become oooone biiiiiig haaaappy family!

I am really curious what will happen now! Shame on you show, for waiting for 10 long episodes to do that!
sansain 08 Oct, 2013
It's interesting to watch Korean version of Kaseifu no Mita. I watched 4 episodes and I like it.
yokochan 27 Sep, 2013
I like the first 2 episodes *Q* really great this mystery - feeling x) omg !