ESC to close 3.19 (by 142 users)le jun kai 樂俊凱
  • 2013
  • web
  • China

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romanized le jun kai
aka lok zeon hoi, 乐俊凯

Based On

based on short story
title le jun kai
author Fei Wo Si Cun (匪我思存)


genres drama, family, romance


language Mandarin


country China
type real
format web
network Sohu


date 13 Aug, 2013 - 10 Sep, 2013
episodes 9
duration 16 minutes
air day Tuesday, Wednesday
status released


avg. score 3.19 of 5 by 142 users
total users 232
rating 453



A woman called Li Ye is living with her child, hiding from her abusive husband, Le Jun Kai. The story takes a look at their past to reveal their hurt, love and hatred towards each other.


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Li Ye
Le Jun Kai
Lei Lun
Qiao Jie


original creator


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17 Sep, 2014
In both dramas the main hero is someone with quite complex feelings towards the heroine as he hates her father and wants to use her to take revenge on him. Later, without realizing it himself, he falls in love with her. The woman is a victim, violated sexually and abused mentally. Even so, her feelings towards the man are also rather complex. In Le Jun Kai she is also in love with the man.


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jeaudrey 14 Jan, 2017
this was intense. Somehow i really enjoyed.
saraooo 03 Aug, 2015
I don't like Chinese dramas I can't stand the language in some of their dramas
This is a masterpiece! I can say that it's the best revenge drama ever and trust me I have seen Alot of revenge dramas
The actor and actress were so freaking awesome they portrayed the feelings of the characters so beautifully it wasn't even acting! !!!!
THAT if not for the grendizer ending
all the cuting was really too much it runeied the drama for me

I would give the first 8 episodes 10/10
overall rating 5/10
zaharisa 09 Sep, 2014
It was sad... at times dark.. and the episodes were so small.. that I watched it almost at once as a movie. But they were long enough..
Somehow there was not enough time for a background .. yet.. I could feel the emotions.

I like dramas like this one that are dramatic.. yet.. somehow... they are not so-so fantasy about the emotions of the people. I like this drama, because it may have skipped the background, but unlike many others asian dramas... it almost had the emotions deep and understandable.

Edit: Not sure how to rate it yet- giving it 3 stars for now. May reduce them to 2.
telmaceres87 02 Oct, 2013
Ótimo. Mas o final...
busunako23 23 Sep, 2013
@ardnalea concordo plenamente!
Achei o final super coerente, bem previsível. Pra uma web série curta me deixou satisfeita.
jpanda 23 Sep, 2013
@ardnalea É, infelizmente o que acontecia era complicado...
Se for pensar bem, depois dele humilhar tanto ela, não teria sentido um final com os dois sendo felizes :/
ardnalea 21 Sep, 2013
@jpanda Achei o final digno.
Eu ficaria revoltada se o final fosse feliz. Depois de tudo aquilo que ele fez pra ela, ele não merecia um final feliz.
jpanda 20 Sep, 2013
Gostei, mas...
o final foi muito triste, chorei o drama inteiro, mas porque esse final? ç.ç