ESC to close 3.46 (by 441 users)hotel king 호텔킹
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized hotel king
aka 호텔 킹


genres drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 05 Apr, 2014 - 27 Jul, 2014
episodes 32
duration 80 minutes
air day Saturday, Sunday
at 21:55 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.46 of 5 by 441 users
total users 994
rating 1528
favorites 14



A Mo Ne is born in a golden headdress, heir to the Hotel Ciel. Leading hitherto carefree and glamorous heiress life from day to day, after the tragic loss of her father, she must stand as the head of a powerful business and sit on at the chair of director.
But the problem lies in the fact, that A Mo Ne, not only has to deal with villains, waiting over her every misstep, but also a past that casts a shadow and makes it difficult to not only lead the hotel, but also complicates newborn feelings, for Jae Wan, a General Manager, which also have cruel and dark past extending behind him.




Cha Jae Wan
A Mo Ne
Lee Da Bae
Song Chae Gyeong
Seon U Hyeon




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18 Aug, 2014
Both have a main male lead who planned his revenge all as a child and trained for it all of his life. Both leads fall in love with the daughter of the subject of their revenge. Both deal with a family property. The main male in Hotel King was more innocent than the one in Queen of the Game as he was tricked by a third party into doing some of the bad things he did. The other did it on his own.

21 May, 2014
The main, male and female leads of Hotel King also starred in My Girl.


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blackpearl 22 Nov, 2016
only watching this for Dong Wook tbh.
ilate 09 Oct, 2016
I agree with the previous comments, it was unnecessarily long. It was okay for the first 20-something episodes, and then it went downhill with every episode. The drama was so oldschool I had to constantly remind myself that it was filmed in 2014, not 2008. Everything smelled like 2008, starting with the plot, the cast, the acting, all the way to the clothings and sets
(I almost flipped my table when Baek Mi Nyeo lost her memory - like, how more obvious can you make the drama?)
By the end of the drama I couldn't stand Lee Deok Hwa's acting to the point I had to skip his scenes (I've never been a fan of his outdated acting). Some of the scenes were waaaaaay too long
(i.e. the scene when Baek Mi Nyeo realizes Cha Jae Wan was her long-lost son. Seriously? The scene when she was going crazy took over 10 minutes!!!!)

To sum it up, it was enjoyable for the first 20 episodes. Then it was horrible.
vanityfull 05 Jan, 2015
WAAAAY too long. Too many scenes that were completely unnecessary. 20-25 episodes would ve been enough.

That being said - I did enjoy it. NOT the best drama out there, but it sure had its original moments, although also had some stupid clichés, oh dear XD My favourite storyline: Cha Jae Hwan - Loman Lee. Imho, more chemistry between these two than between two main leads. I thought they had more chemi going in My Girl to be honest.

AH! there is something else! First they show Loman's date of birth - 1982. Then they say that there is a 4 year gap between him and Jae Wan, Loman is younger. Then they show a pic of Jae Wan when he turned 1 with 1982 date written on it. Something ain't right here...XD
kamisama1 18 Sep, 2014
The cast was really good and chemistry between the leads was floating all around but there were too many episodes in my opinion if there would by just 20 episode it woiuld be perect. The other 12 episodes were unnecessery and boring a bit
anji 09 Sep, 2014
Lee Dongwook AND Lim Seulong-- what is air please. so need to watch it!
victorique 28 Aug, 2014
Yay, drama with VIXX leader, N !! I couldn't wait to see his acting skills xD
At the beggining I found this drama a little annoying, but at the end I was sticked to the screen, watching it like crazy & couldn't wait for the next episode :)
At the last 6 episodes I was even crying... The story was so sad & touched me so deeply...
N, even if his character wasn't on the first plan, he did his job well :) Can't wait to see him in another drama.
zaharisa 13 Aug, 2014
For me it should have ended sooner-
in the moment he found his mother... somewhere after she and Mo Ne became friends again. I understand that somehow his feelings for the father and mother had to be wrapped in some way, but the second arc with the mother kind of ruined the main for me (and the thing is- I'm not even sure why). I just liked the hero better before that.
Somehow.... I really liked the drama the first 20 a lot (even though I was already a bit tired around episode 16).. I really really liked it- like rewatching it again and again and the last few episodes felt unneaded, unnecesary and burdersome.. and a as I stated above - somehow ruined the main for me (even though there was not apparent reason for it). I am so rewatching the first episodes though... I love the main couple.
somiboo 08 Aug, 2014
So perfect, I really didn't want it to end..ever! I'm going to miss every single character, the chemistry between the characters and the, loved it. Now I need to hunt down all the actors and watch as much as possible of their work.