ESC to close 3.16 (by 657 users)l♥dk
  • 2014
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized l♥dk
aka love cohabitation,, ldk. rinkyo dokyo, l dk, L・DK

Based On

based on manga
title l♥dk
author Watanabe Ayu (渡辺あゆ)


genres romance, school


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 12 Apr, 2014
duration 105 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.16 of 5 by 657 users
total users 959
rating 2079
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Shuusei is the most popular guy in his school and is admired by many girls. However, he doesn't accept any of the love confessions he keeps getting. One of the girls he turns down turns out to be the friend of Aoi, who is just another girl going to the same school as Shuusei.

The two of them have nothing in common until one day, when Aoi goes to greet her new neighbour, she discovers it is Shuusei and in an unfortunate turn of events, the two end up living together.




Nishimori Aoi
Kugayama Shuusei
Sanjou Wataru
Satou Ryousuke
Shibuya Moe
Mizuno Satsuki




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03 Aug, 2016
In both works, the main couple start living together because of some odd circumstances and have to hide it from others so they won't be expelled from school.


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catchxfireflies 03 Sep, 2016
Aoi and Moe were cute but honestly... what an annoying badly paced movie
sacchan 31 Jul, 2016
Okay, this story literally had no good treat. Only watch it if you are ready to sacrifice 2hours of your life for Yamaken's face.

When will they stop feeding girls in shoujo with it's alright to be treated like a piece of junk if the boy has problems? What is attractive about a person who acts like a tyrant bully, just because he can't deal with his problems? Because this was about nothing else, but that. He only said two good things about the girl throughout the whole movie: Your cooking is delicious. And I think I like to laugh with you. But you know what? Even that second was a lie. He didn't laugh WITH the girl, he said that after pushing her off a hill and watching her almost die. He did nothing but laughed AT her. I mean even after the huge scene in the end, he took a freaking picture of her ugly face and laughed at her?? What is that even???
But what's worse, I can't even protect the girl. Usually shoujo main girls at least has some good treats, like being good with kids, or at least being kind on a dumb level, but this girl showed nothing?? No wonder the boy couldn't say anything good about her, when literally the only thing they showed about her was her cooking skills. Her friend, who had like 20mins airtime had a more complex personality - a personality in the first place.

Wah, this was one of the most meaningless and revolint shoujo I've ever watched.
reonsoru 23 Jul, 2016
@watashiwachiaki 2nd this!

Terrible movie with bad dialoges but YamaKen was handsooomeeeee.
watashiwachiaki 17 Oct, 2015
(I didn't read the manga)
yup just a typical highschool (shojo) story. nothing is really surprising.
I enjoyed looking at YamaKen tho haha. I might just rewatch this again and just look at him lol
mokyulpwns 25 Aug, 2015
Not as bad as I thought it would be.
Random chan 09 Jun, 2015
It was ok to watch but one must not expect more than just a highschool romance story, it's really nothing beyond that. With that in mind, it's a pretty ok watch, really 'by the book'.
suketeru 24 Jan, 2015
The last 30 minutes ruined a nice movie
stellybish 21 Dec, 2014
The couple was cute *-*
But... Kento could've tried a bit harder xD
I usually enjoy Ayame's acting :)