ESC to close 3.2 (by 194 users)lupin sansei
  • 2014
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized lupin sansei
english Lupin The Third (literal)
aka lupin iii, rupan sansei

Based On

based on manga
title lupin sansei
author Monkey Punch (モンキー・パンチ)


genres action, comedy, adventure


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 30 Aug, 2014
duration 133 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.2 of 5 by 194 users
total users 420
rating 621
favorites 1



There is a big organisation of rather prestigious thieves that is finally looking for a new leader. To see who would be the best, a stealing competition is held. After the test, everyone comes together to celebrate, but there, one of the members turns out to be a scammer and steals a very valuable necklace that Cleopatra once wore. In the process of stealing the necklace, the leader of the organisation is killed. Not being able to forgive the betrayal, Lupin starts to form a group to get that necklace back and avenge the murder.


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Lupin The Third
Jigen Daisuke
Mine Fujiko
Police Inspector Zenigata
Ishikawa Goemon
Michael Lee


producer, screenwriter
original creator


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berrytm 06 Nov, 2016
I've never watched or read Lupin so it was pretty fresh :) As others said, the dubbing was sometimes a bit :/ but overall I enjoyed it!
tanyadesu 18 Nov, 2015
There wasn't even really a plot. Very awkward dubbing, and the fight scenes weren't even great because of poor camera work. i only give it 2 stars because i like Oguri and the high quality production
icequeen 15 Jul, 2015
The dubbing was a bit weird, but other than that it was an okay movie.
nejimakidori89 25 Jun, 2015
Ayano Gou was great but movie was bad and boring xD
nyappyqueen 28 Apr, 2015
Compared to the first anime series (the only one I've seen) this had something same but then not really. I don't know why there had to be some useless characters when Lupin+Jigen+Goemon+Fujiko+Zenigata and an enemy is already enough. I hope a sequel would only have the real main characters. As an action movie it was pretty good and entertaining but I was hoping for more comedy like the original anime...

Also, is this an international F4 meeting or something?! Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese F4 member in the same movie. Is this coincidence or?... XD
vanityfull 05 Apr, 2015
I never read the manga nor did I watch the anime, and I don't think I will. So I have nothing to compare it to. The movie wasn't super amazing, but it was entertaining. I loved the humour, of course there were clichés, but all in all - an ok movie. I adore Oguri Shun and Ayano Go, they are great actors, so not complaining. Although I must say, I have seen better from Kitamura Ryuhei.

P.S. anybody notice Yamada Yu's cameo? if anyone doesn't know, she is married to Oguri Shun. She was the stewardess, the one that Lupin was checking out when they were coming from Japan with Goemon xd
yashii 03 Apr, 2015
Never watched I'd read Lupin, so for me this movie was great. Laughter and like the cast because it's so international lol
daredaniel 30 Mar, 2015
Terrible, couldn't finish. Oguri Shun sucks so much...