ESC to close 3.67 (by 679 users)seumul 스물
  • 2015
  • film
  • Korea

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romanized seumul
english Twenty (literal)
aka 20


genres comedy, youth


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format film


date 25 Mar, 2015
duration 115 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.67 of 5 by 679 users
total users 1130
rating 2491
favorites 13



Frank Chi Ho, withdrawn Gyeong Jae and romantic Dong U are best friends but also the greatest enemies. Their friendship continues during adulthood, as a catalogue of failures, heartbreaks, fun twists and turns and attempt to understand the opposite sex and the world of adults.

Over time, however, their entertaining life collides with the brutal reality of everyday problems.


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Chi Ho
Gyeong Jae
Dong U
Eun Hye
Jin Ju
So Min


director, screenwriter
art director
costume designer


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sunlary 15 Dec, 2017
Esse filme tem uma das cenas mais engraçadas que eu já vi E Woobin tá muito engraçado um dos melhores filmes desse gênero que eu já assisti
warmlia 09 Sep, 2016
I laughed so much
the fight scene in the end is epic
ahri1 20 Jan, 2016
The struggles of choosing a path in your twenties pictured in a funny way XD
Kim Woo Bin is hilarious.
unknown 05 Jan, 2016
I guess...the BEST korean movie i've ever seen...had to laugh SO MUCH!! XD
the 'fight' scene at the ebd of the movie...i nearly cried xD matter how often i watch k-movies...they never made sense for i'm more into kdramas. But now i have one favorite kmovie!

Totally recommend! *-*
stellybish 26 Jul, 2015
Way too many mentions of
s*x, di**s, fu**ing
in one movie...
It had some funny scenes but it was not as good as I hoped it to be.
But I like how it somehow portrayed freedom, making mistakes at 20 is normal.
*20 year old waving a hand here* haha
I actually enjoyed Jun Ho's acting a lot! Strangely... Woobin is not fit for comedies -.-
ilate 08 Jul, 2015
I had a lot of fun watching it but it's definitely not a movie I would re-watch ;)
misekeith 28 Jun, 2015
I wasn't a particular fan of anyone in the cast, actually, but I laughed so hard that I seriously risked to choke to death (...the problem of watching things while having lunch/dinner, I guess XD).
The story was your average slice of life/coming of age story, that's true, but I wasn't looking for something particularly original when I began watching a movie titled "Twenty". I actually love how they managed to make every single scene fresh with the out-of-the-blue humour, and I'm pretty sure that I will laugh for days remembering some of them.
I was already sighing of frustration when, right before the ending, Gyeon Jae Was gushing about how "they call them the roaring years because even if we fail we can do things all over again" (it must be the 5th time in a month I've heard this in a Korean movie/drama), and... then the coscription postcard arrived. XD Beautiful, really.

I would actually recommend this one - and I'm thinking to make some of my more 'I'll-never-like-Asian-cinema-anyway' friends watch it, so that they can change their minds. :)
bayanoh 25 Jun, 2015
barely 2.5/5...
It was boring as hell, but had some (not quite) funny scenes, that surly did not make up for the boring parts. I would recommend it only to those who are fan of one or some of the main leads, but not for others. If you are looking for a story do not watch this, you will definitely regret it.