ESC to close 3.35 (by 128 users)hua pi 畫皮
  • 2008
  • film
  • Hong Kong, China

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romanized hua pi
english Painted Skin (literal)
aka wa pei, 画皮

Based On

based on book
title liao zhai zhi yi
author Pu Song Ling (蒲松齡)


genres action, drama, horror, mystery, suspense, romance, supernatural


language Mandarin


country Hong Kong, China
type real
format film


date 25 Sep, 2008
duration 115 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.35 of 5 by 128 users
total users 213
rating 429
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hua pi ii
2012 film ch


General Wang Sheng rescues a young and beautiful girl, Xiao Wei, from the hands of the enemy. He takes her home and allows her to stay with him, but not as a wife or mistress. Soon she falls in love with him. In the mean time in the city there's been lots of brutal murders and the hearts are ripped out of dead bodies. Wang Sheng's wife starts to suspect Xiao Wei to be a demon in human body.


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Xiao Wei
Wang Sheng
Pei Rong
Pang Yong
Xia Bing
Xiao Yi


director, screenwriter
costume designer


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18 Apr, 2011
Not my type of movie but here it worked for me. I didn't care so much about the fight scenes because I rarely do but oh, well.

The setting and the visuals were totally gorgeous and the storyline was somewhat odd but due to that it was fun. A female demon who looks like a woman gets into the house of a married men and messes up everyone around her? Totally my thing.

I expected something different though. From what I heard the married man would fall in love with the demon. He did say he loved her but... would that be considered love? I believe that he genuinely loved his wife but the demon? It was shown before that she could affect other people's emotions and that she could make them like or want her, so why would that not work on him? He was treated sweetly by a pretty girl, so he swayed, grew attracted to her and confused. That's the way I saw it. He never considered leaving his wife and didn't hesitate to sacrifice for her. I think that's what actually made the story so interesting. It's not a love story between a demon and a man but a demon wanting a man and a man being swayed a little because he's human. But maybe my assumption is wrong, who knows.

More than any relationships between humans I liked that of the female demon and the demon dude who was devoted to her. His devotion was totally touching and I wondered whether the female demon's feeling for the married man where half as genuine as her follower's devotion. But again, maybe I just have an odd picture of love.

Anyway, all in all I quite liked it.
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Both are based on Asian fox legends and are about a fox falling in love with a human.

11 Jul, 2013
Though they are both different in language and media type, both series involve a demon falling in love with a human.


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r0lan 11 Jul, 2013
Quite nice OST, though it (Asian Road by Fujiwara Ikuro) kinda sounded a bit like Musician by Kaoru Wada (D.Gray Man OST).

Bearable movie, I cant get sick of flying xiaolins and fancy twirling sword fightings haha :)
2/5, just because the story line was a bit... odd paced.
vendetta 22 Nov, 2011
..........................watchable movie.......
nanuklein 27 Feb, 2011
The film was nice, I guess. The ending left one question open for me, I wasn't sure about the stance of Wong Saang in this whole story as his utterances in this film had a double nature.
One way he seems to really care for his wife, reason why he doesn't take Siu Wai's offers into account, but on the other hand he tells Siu Wai at the end of the film that he actually loves her, but Pooi Yuang is his wife, but then he kills himself when his wife dies..but before that he claims to love Siu strange -- did he love both of them?