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  • 2015
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized bakuman.

Based On

based on manga
title bakuman.
author Ooba Tsugumi (大場つぐみ), Obata Takeshi (小畑健)


genres comedy, life, romance, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 03 Oct, 2015
duration 119 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.56 of 5 by 217 users
total users 549
rating 772
favorites 1


2010 TV jp


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Mashiro Moritaka
Takagi Akito
Azuki Miho
Fukuda Shinta
Hiramaru Kazuya
Nakai Takurou


original creator
producer, planner
original creator


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airis 25 Jul, 2017
it was so different from anime. so many things were missing,and i don't know why but i always imagined Takeru Sato as Takagi not as Mashiro.and Azuki wasn't like that in anime too. i'm bit disappointed with this live action even though actors did a great job.
iluvlynx 22 Apr, 2017
This movie was done really well :) Good acting by the main and supporting actors (except maybe the girl... She was a bit blank-faced), not too slow-paced, different from the anime so it wasn't redundant (or at least different from what I remember), good supporting soundtrack. The lighting was also good and it didn't seem cheesy. They incorporated some cool effects that made it seem like an interactive manga. 8/10
hakaina 03 Jul, 2016
To my shame, I've never seen or read Bakuman, though I've really wanted to. So as a person totally blank about the peculiaritites which don't coincide the fans always love to whine about all the time (so do I tbh), I LOVED IT. Seriously, it was fun, it wasn't boring, to my surprise, the actors were really good (that's why I like when there are real actors not idols who are promoted as promising ones), it was super sweet, the topic of friendship is always so dear to my heart and last but not least, it's so BEAUTIFULLY done, I was pleasantly shocked! Awesome inserts of graphics, which felt in place and didn't look cheap.
I'll definitely give Bakuman a go, because if it's even better, I'm already so much in love.
magician 10 Jun, 2016
Absolutely loved it. Sato Takeru did a really nice job. The movie was visually very pleasing too.
watashiwachiaki 24 Apr, 2016
movie is quite ok.

however, it made me realize, I'm slowly getting sick of seeing nana komatsu's pretty face. oh well.
reonsoru 23 Apr, 2016
I didn't see the anime and only read like one chapter of the manga, so I didn't really know the characters all to well yet. However, I quite enjoyed it. The story develops nicely and has some cool moments here and there. As expected of an anime adaption, there were some wonky animated scenes which didn't really need to be there, but it's not like they ruined the movie. I kinda didn't like the music and camera work every time Azuki Miho appeared. It's okay that they want her to have that magical beauty - which came across - I just felt the cuts with her closeups were a little too long for my taste.

All in all, even though Takeru Satou is a brilliant actor himself, I gotta say that Kamiki really out-acted him in this movie. I felt Kamiki was much more present despite being more of the main-sidecharacter next to main character Takeru Satou. Also really enjoyed Yamada Takayuki's acting, I really liked his character and the way he acted him out.

Enjoyable watch, not my most favorite movie though.
reonsoru 23 Apr, 2016
@vanityfull Haha, now that you mention it...!
ayume98 07 Jun, 2015
Kamiki as Takagi? I don't know why but after watching the anime, I feel like he's not suited for the role. It's not that I don't like him or his acting but I just don't feel him as Takagi in the anime that I have watched. I think for Takagi's character Mizobata Junpei or Kaku Kento would be better or maybe other than Kamiki. Well it's just my own opinion.