ESC to close 3.29 (by 511 users)ao haru ride
  • 2014
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized ao haru ride
english Blue Spring Ride
aka aoharaido

Based On

based on manga
title ao haru ride
author Sakisaka Io (咲坂伊緒)


genres romance, school, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 13 Dec, 2014
duration 122 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.29 of 5 by 511 users
total users 863
rating 1681
favorites 6


ao haru ride
2014 TV jp
same setting


At the end of her first year at high school, Yoshioka Futaba is reunited with her first crush Tanaka Kou who transferred from her school in junior high unexpectedly. However, this Kou has changed his last name and is now Mabuchi Kou, and with the name change comes a new, cool personality unknown to Futaba.




Mabuchi Kou
Yoshioka Futaba
Kikuchi Touma
Kominato Aya
Tanaka Youichi
Makita Yuuri


original creator


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deformedchrist 28 Feb, 2018
I did not have great expectations but it was a movie that I enjoyed a lot even though the cast was not 100% of my liking. You should give it a chance ;-)
honey 14 Aug, 2016
I watched this without knowing manga or anime, and I think that is what makes it so good for me. They made a good movie that makes me feel like reading the manga now. Because I KNOW there will be more adorable and good scenes in there. They had in the movie what needed to be and now I will go and look at the stuff they had to leave out but will make my heart beat even faster. But can I say that I adore Chiba as Kikuchi in here? I hope he also has more scenes in the manga, because I just love him. <3
Also, I wonder what happened to Shuuko and her love. It reminded me a bit of Marmalade Boy and I hoped to see some "forbidden love" elements in there (that just don't work out because the Sensei is too awesome XD)
strawberryz 10 Aug, 2016
Assistindo esse live action eu tive a impressão de ser uma nova história e não Ao Haru Ride. Muitas coisas foram desnecessariamente mudadas e inutilidades foram adicionadas na história. Sem falar na interpretação do Kou que não ficou nada parecida com o personagem no mangá/anime. ;/
anyzs 09 May, 2016
i think i would have enjoyed it more if i hadnt red the manga first
a lot of things didnt happen as i expected it to be, so i am disappointed
their friendship developed so fast that if felt kinda fake lmao
3/5 bc the story was great, it just wasnt what i expected
takumi 26 Apr, 2016
Contrary to the comments below, I didn't like the adaptation that much. Ao Haru Ride is one of my all time favorite manga and I didn't like that they didn't adapt some of my favorite moments from it (or didn't adapt properly). My brain just refuses to accept this Kou, I just have a completely different image in my head and Higashide Masahiro did not meet it. He just didn't give me the Kou vibe. Honda Tsubasa as Futaba on the other hand was absolutely adorable. I was looking forward to watching it and I'm a bit disappointed in it but I will live :'D
watashiwachiaki 15 Nov, 2015
Higashide Masahiro fits perfectly as the drama king Kou!!
I saw the anime and at first got mixed feelings while watching this. I'm like there are some missing stuff. But I thought I was just getting confused with the bunch of shoujo anime and liva action adaptations I've seen. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it! The feelings I had watching the anime is still there. plus I loved the OST as well.
hakaina 20 Sep, 2015
I was extremely sceptical about this live-action, as I disapproved of the cast so much (except for Kikuchi probably.) But it turned out to be really good! It did missed some important and interesting scenes from the manga but lol find me a live-action which didn't. Cute, easy and pleasant to watch, romantic, as a shoujo adaptation should be.
And in the end the cast turned out to be okay. Neither perfect, but nor annoying.
stellybish 20 Aug, 2015
As a fan of the manga/anime I was a bit disappointed that they missed some quite important details in the beginning and maybe that's why things felt a bit rushed for me at first.
A bit slow at times but other than that I pretty much enjoyed it.
The actors did a good job and the scenery was lovely.
Nice adaptation! :)