ESC to close 3.45 (by 495 users)naeildo cantabile 내일도 칸타빌레
  • 2014
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized naeildo cantabile
english Tomorrow Cantabile (literal)
aka Naeil's Cantabile, Nodame Cantabile Final Movement, Nodame Cantabile: The Final Movement, naeildo kantabille

Based On

based on manga
title nodame cantabile
author Ninomiya Tomoko (二ノ宮知子)


genres comedy, romance, school, music


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 13 Oct, 2014 - 02 Dec, 2014
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.45 of 5 by 495 users
total users 979
rating 1710
favorites 5


nodame cantabile
2006 TV jp
nodame cantabile
2007 TV jp
same setting


Cha Yu Jin and Seol Nae Il go to the same music academy, both major in the piano department and live next to each other. But they couldn't be more different. Yu Jin is considered a good, promising student. There are only two things that stop him from having a good future: Firstly, he doesn't actually want to major in piano, but rather in conducting, to become just like his former teacher, Viera.
Secondly, he can't go abroad to study in Europe, because after some troubles on an airplane, he has a trauma and can't board any ship or plane. So he is bound to stay in South Korea, thus not being able to broaden his horizon like every other student.
Nae Il on the other side is considered a "leftover". She enjoys music for what it is, plays beautifully, but not the way many teachers want to see it. She lacks the will to go to competitions and actually only wants to do two things: enjoy playing piano and become a kindergarden teacher.
But one beautiful day, they meet and this is when the crazy Nae Il starts to disturb the peaceful life of Yu Jin and turns it upside down. And Nae Il's life won't stay the same either!


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Cha Yu Jin
Seol Nae Il
Choe Min Hui
Franz Stresemann
Yu Il Rak
Lee Yun Hu


original creator


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02 Jan, 2015
Tomorrow Cantabile continues the trend of Korean dramas remaking Japanese ones. And unlike some of its' predecessors, Tomorrow Cantabile manages to be a rousing success, not only as a tribute to the original content but also in becoming it's own entity.

Admittedly the show does take a bit of time to find its' footing. The first few episodes try too hard to merge the exaggerated comedy of the Japanese drama with the feel of Korean dramas...and the discord shows. But once the show manages to find its' own personality, the characters manage to flourish and the story grabs your heart.

The acting is great. Ju Won continues to show why he's such a well-loved actor, managing to encompass the heart of Yu Jin (that of a cold, prickly person) with the slow thawing as a result of Nae Il, all without losing that core. And while Eun Gyeong takes a while to find the balance between comedy and heart, as the story progresses she takes an iconic character and makes it her own.

The story has its flaws. Occasionally the school politics drag too long and some conflicts make you scratch your head, but the character growth makes it a worthwhile show.

A definite recommend for any fan of the original, just give it some time.
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13 Aug, 2018
Both revolve around performance arts students, in Dream High they learn vocals and dance, while in Cantabile it's Instrumental/Conducting/Orchestra. Both are similar in the sense that the main leads in both dramas are extremely talented but lacking in the emotional category (they have a hard time expressing how they really feel and so instead come of as cold, rude and indifferent). In both dramas this is enough of a set back to prevent them from truly showing their full potential. At the same time you have other characters who are seen as less talented but as time goes on they develop their skills and gradually gain recognition. Both show how the exceptionally gifted and the underestimated are able to evolve by interacting with each other, so as to be able to live up to their full potential. While doing so we get to see friendships formed and also tested.

29 Nov, 2014
In both, music is the major topic. Also, these series show the struggle of the "B category" or "Leftovers." Both show how much the characters love music and how they try to become famous, and how they have to beat those who have talent and money or good connections.


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kurumi 11 Nov, 2014
It lacks something fun and inspiring, which was the reason I loved Nodame Cantabile originally.
Even orchestra performances seem to have less passion.
What a pity though
with a cast like this it could have been an amazing drama
jan1991 05 Nov, 2014
@dziubas Things can be dropped and rated poorly regardless of whether or not they finished the drama. It's up to them. Just have to deal with it.
murii 05 Nov, 2014
The drama makes me laugh and that's all I want.
If you're looking for something serious then you are at the wrong place. [2]
rimawholoves 05 Nov, 2014
One thing that this drama need more is music times, and really passionate music times. I loved that Mambo performance, it was fun, but the Yu Jin performance was... well, it was beautiful but a little bit boring. Don't show the passion that the character was suppose to have. I liked Ju Won choice for main, but he's to blank. supposedly, music is the passion of his character, but... I don't feel it. It's impossible not to compare with the japanese version, but for me he needs to be more passionate when he's playing, like Chiaki was. I wish there was more music moments, and more passionate performances from the 'talents'. If it's the intention of the writers for A Orchestra to sound a little bit boring and regular, good job. Special Orchestra is way more amusing and passionate.
I'm enjoying this drama so far, Nae Il is just perfect, I just wished they focus a little bit more on the music and less on the love triangles.
stellybish 30 Oct, 2014
The drama makes me laugh and that's all I want.
If you're looking for something serious then you are at the wrong place.
I personally really like the leads and most of the supporting actors /Yu Family Jjang!!!/
Nae Il is not weird! If you've seen the anime/Japanese drama, you'll know Nodame is just as crazy.
dziubas 30 Oct, 2014
@raritsujun, how can u drop drama after watching 1 ep ??!! *.* pathetic & ridiculous !!;/ if u don't like k-drama back to Japan and stop lower rating !!~~
raritsujun 30 Oct, 2014
What a disappointment. Dropped.
mradke 29 Oct, 2014
I'm loving it so much *-*