ESC to close 3.47 (by 1764 users)yankeekun to meganechan
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized yankeekun to meganechan
english Mister Deliquent And Miss Glasses (literal)
aka Flunk Punk Rumble, yankiikun to meganechan, yanmega

Based On

based on manga
title yankeekun to meganechan
author Yoshikawa Miki (吉河美希)


genres comedy, life, romance, school, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network TBS


date 23 Apr, 2010 - 25 Jun, 2010
episodes 10
duration 54 minutes
air day Friday
at 22:00 - 22:54
status released


avg. score 3.47 of 5 by 1764 users
total users 3097
rating 6118
favorites 53



Adachii Hana is a new girl in school who instantly signs up for the role of class president. Shinagawa Daichi is a delinquent and is ditching class, so she takes it upon herself to fix his ways while trying to hide her own status as ex delinquent.


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Adachi Hana
Shinagawa Daichi
Izumi Gaku
Chiba Seiya
Nerima Seiun
Shinagawa Chuuta




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16 Sep, 2010
I'd love to write about whether this drama is a good version of the manga or not, but I only read the first few chapters, so no can do :D

This was your typical high school drama. There's love, future plans, trouble with parents, bullying, school festivals with a haunted house, bad marks and the if we work together everythings gonna be fine. What was new here was the fact that almost every main chara has a Yankee background hehe So of course there were lots of fights, in almost every episode. Although I have to say that the last fight was a little bit exaggerated. Overall I enjoyed watching but was bored at some scenes and too long speeches. I was also happy to see that there wasn't your typical ending, really liked the last minutes a lot ^^

As for the actors, I really love Narimiya and was unsure about the high school student role at first, but he totally pulled it off :D He was great as a Yankee. And Naka Riisa (Nino's long lost sister) was also really good, although the character of Adachi Hana was annoying at some times, I jsut couldn't hate her. The friends were alright, but I didn't like the Izumi guy at all. Not that I didn't like the character that was supposed to be portrayed, but it was the way the actor did it ><
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05 Sep, 2011
A girl who is a former yankii/delinquent who tries to change her ways of delinquency by becoming the class president, changing her attitude, and disguising herself in her new school. When she meets a boy who is also a delinquent, she tries to correct his actions. This is a comedy that is focused around a yankii/delinquent hiding his/her true nature.

16 Aug, 2010
When a girl suddenly transfers to a new high school, she meets a boy, famous for aggressiveness. The boy hides his soft side from his family and classmates, the girl her violent one. They both have secrets they can't share with others. After discovering each other's secrets, real friendship starts growing between them, as only together can they be their true selves.


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danisensei 27 Feb, 2015
It took me such a loooong time to finish this one. I like the main actors (and some of the supporting ones as well), the acting was good, but gosh! So silly. Rated 2/5.
dramaaddict 13 Nov, 2014
Really nice drama! I enjoyed it a lot! Especially Narimiya did a wonderful job, I really liked him as Daichi while Hana was a bit annoying in some scenes, but maybe that's just because I mostly have a problem with the main heroine in J-Dramas.
One thing that really bothered me as a German though, was why they had to choose "Freude schöner Götterfunken" as one of the Main OSTs. It bothered me every episode as it doesn't fit at all and it made the fight scene in the last episode really ridiculous xD
lisyoukai 14 Aug, 2013
alicbts 27 May, 2013
It is totally captivating, I would not change anything in this drama.
alex3 07 Jul, 2012
so-so ..
bloodyladyrinoa 21 Apr, 2012
One of the best drama I've ever seen!!
draconia 08 Feb, 2012
kenoi 26 Jan, 2012
I enjoyed this j-drama. its worth your time.