ESC to close 3.03 (by 68 users)nice no mori: the first contact
  • 2006
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized nice no mori: the first contact
english Funky Forest: The First Contact
aka naisu no mori: the first contact, ナイスの森 the first contact, ナイスの森 〜the first contact〜


genres comedy


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 25 Mar, 2006
duration 150 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.03 of 5 by 68 users
total users 127
rating 206
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Several story fragments are joined together with little to no connection. Some of those fragments are comical while others are bizarre, weird or grotesque.


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Tanaka Katsuichi
Tanaka Masaru




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24 Jun, 2013
I just finished the movie about 10 minutes ago and I will try to find some words to express my feelings about it (which is kind of hard).

At first, I want to make clear that this movie isn't for everyone. You need to have the right humor to like and understand it (Is there even something to understand behind the movie, I'm not sure).

There isn't any specific story, what you should already know after reading the summary, the movie has an overall little plot that follows trough it, but it's not needed.

It has 3 or 4 main "stories" which are put into these 21 short episodes. Between the episdes they play some short cuts from the opening speech and from some episodes.

The movie is divided into two parts named "Side A" and "Side B". After the first part of the movie you got a 3 minutes long "Intermisson", to prepare for the second part (Drink or eat something). When you thought the first part was wierd, the second one is much more wild and bizzare.

Also I want to add, some of the scenes are may inapporiate, kind of sexual and nasty for you, so be prepared for that.

The actors (in my opinion) did a good job. I personally totally buy their acting and I'm still not sure how you even can do such things and still being serious while doing it. Really, how?

There wasn't really any music to name, except some music for specific scenes to dance or relax (?) to.

In the end, I would watch the movie again, with friends who haven't watch it now and wait for their facial expressions and what they think about it. I'm already excited for it!

So it's a overall good movie, when you can deal with the given scenes and have the kind of humor the people behind the movie have. Give it a try, when you're interested in it.
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linguist 19 Jun, 2016
@Random chan This movie seems perfect for your nick name :P
Random chan 19 Jun, 2016
Meh, I can't understand the hype.
daredaniel 26 Feb, 2014
@purefault those scenes were awesome. I think my favouritewas one where Asano is playing the guitar in a room and trying to impress the kid. the singing/dancing parts were amazing, I could be watching them all day. Just downloaded the ost.
purefault 26 Feb, 2014
@daredaniel What was your favorite part? I think "Home Room" could be its own series... I thought it was hilarious, especially since Anno Hideaki was one of the students. haha.
daredaniel 26 Feb, 2014
This was one of the weirdest and random comedies I've ever seen. Sometimes I laughed and then laughed again because I had no idea why I laughed. Sometimes it was very hard to diggest and other times it was really cute. The soundtrack was pretty cool and Tadanobu Asano is just the best japanese actor nowadays.

tachii 12 Feb, 2014
Most random Japanese film I've seen to date. I think it was recommended with survive style 5 but this film has no coherency whatsoever.
eunhye 13 Nov, 2012
Soooo..... Japanese, you know. I'll never forget this movie. Yamada is my forever love.
minjung 12 May, 2012
I want the soundtrack! **