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  • 2010
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized solanin
aka soranin

Based On

based on manga
title solanin
author Asano Inio (浅野いにお)


genres drama, music, youth


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 03 Apr, 2010
duration 126 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.33 of 5 by 317 users
total users 646
rating 1055
favorites 17



Inoue Meiko and her boyfriend, Taneda Naruo are university graduates and live together in Tokyo. Both of them have some decent jobs, however they lack aim and passion in life. While Taneda focuses on playing the guitar in a band, Meiko does not know what to do with her life. She grows tired of her job and finally resigns. Their lives go on, together with a few of their friends from university days. Until tragic event, after which Meiko finds herself desperately wanting to play the guitar in a band.


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Inoue Meiko
Taneda Naruo
Yamada Jirou
Kotani Ai
Saeki Ryuutarou


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09 Mar, 2014
Solanin is also a beautiful story where the main characters are connected by music. Both movies are directed by the same person, which is a good point in this case.

09 Mar, 2014
Both movies are about music and are quite emotional. They are also directed by the same person.


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mikkuchan07 10 Jan, 2013
I wasn't able to read the manga yet, because it has to be published in our country. First I was unsure if I should buy this manga, now I'm sure: the movie is absolutely great (as well as the music) so I have to buy the original manga.

The pictures I have seen from the inside were so great.

Wonderful movie about the hard parts of life, the struggles and dispair. But also about love, friendship and the will to grow and the will to live although it's hard to handle.
I cried while listening to the last song.
urumru 29 Jul, 2011
I've read one volume of manga and I love it, must download the movie soon. ^_^
marvinesque 12 Jul, 2011
Manga is awesome, movie is awesome. The trailer was perhaps too revealing, but that's probably it. Highly recommended
kiki 25 Jun, 2011
The manga is awesome, but this movie is just plain boring.
lolwutwhatever 22 May, 2011
That movie is a freaking masterpiece!
I'm not really into asian dramas, but this was so realistic, so amazing. Anything like the other movies I've seen. I'm definitely impressed.

It was just perfect. I haven't read the manga, but I'm going to. But that movie whether it's the same as manga or they changed it too much was amazing. And the cast was outstanding.

I just so hoped he wouldn't die, that he would just have that accident... But if he survived if wouldn't be jdrama enough. And then when she learned to play the guitar. I wish I could find that motivation for myself, motivation being escape from reality while playing.

Amazing, amazing, amazing!
kyutada 20 Jan, 2011
pretty nice movie, but agrees too stretche =.=
haebin 14 Nov, 2010
Oh my god, this movie was so boring and annoying. Seriously, it was a long time ago that I watched such a bad movie bad like that...
daichan 02 Nov, 2010
It wasn't as good as I thought it could be... but it was OK... but such a sprange ending... erm...