ESC to close 3.27 (by 45 users)sayonara kabukichou
  • 2015
  • film
  • Japan

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romanized sayonara kabukichou
english Kabukicho Love Hotel
literal Goodbye Kabukichou


genres drama


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format film


date 24 Jan, 2015
duration 135 minutes
status released


avg. score 3.27 of 5 by 45 users
total users 98
rating 147



Takahashi Tooru is working in a love hotel after losing his job at a high class hotel. He keeps this fact a secret from his girlfriend, Iijima Saya, who is trying to get a record out and is even willing to sleep her way up. Tooru meets many different people in this hotel, from Korean residents in Japan who are trying to gather enough money to make their dreams come true to police workers having an affair and even excriminals.


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Iijima Saya
Takahashi Tooru
Takenaka Kazuki
Ikezawa Yasuo
Suzuki Satomi




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Random chan 15 Jun, 2015
@misekeith I feel that with Hiroki Ryuuichi, it's a hit or a miss. I like some of his works but hate a few others. I feel like a certain something is frequently missing to make his works slightly better / more interesting to watch. But I'm not a fan too ;).
misekeith 26 Apr, 2015
@Random chan: No, that's okay, I know what you mean. XD
Maybe I liked it so much because I watched it without expectations at all, on the opposite. And I'm not usually a fan of Hiroki Ryuichi's work, so I was kind of surprised myself. But thanks anyways for answering this quickly. :D
Random chan 26 Apr, 2015
@misekeith Idk, something just didn't sit there for me. It was all over the place and I just simply didn't enjoy it o.o. I usually have something intelligent (XD hopefully) to say about my opinion of things but when it comes to this movie... I just honestly found it boring and felt that something I can't describe was missing. Might have gone into it with too much expectations because so many people said it was so great... but I just felt like it wasn't that amazing. I mean, it wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. Sorry I can't reply in a more specific manner, haha xD.
misekeith 26 Apr, 2015
I really really liked it. I began watching it with zero expectations, just because I was at Udine's FEFF they and presented it there. But maybe because of the (to me) familiar and beloved scenery of Shinjuku and Shin'oukubo, or because of the very good (well, kind of one of his usual charcaters, but) performance by Shota, or maybe because of the even better one by Minami Kaho and the Korean counterparts of the movie - it slowly built up, and then it exploded in me, like very few films did.

@Random chan: So I'm very sorry you didn't like it, because I actually think it's really good. I guess maybe the pace didn't agree with you? (Just curious, though, taste is taste :) )
Random chan 07 Mar, 2015
I really don't know why it was praised so much. The movie is extremely boring.