ESC to close 4.03 (by 633 users)angry mom 앵그리맘
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized angry mom
aka aenggeuri mam


genres comedy, drama, family, school


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network MBC


date 18 Mar, 2015 - 07 May, 2015
episodes 16
duration 75 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 4.03 of 5 by 633 users
total users 1084
rating 2552
favorites 32



Jo Gang Ja grew up in an environment where she developed a lot of bad habits and due to her lack of manners became a troublemaker at school. Years later, she is a mother of a teenage daughter and is working in gastronomy, yet her behaviour didn't significantly change over the years and even her customers notice her short temper.

One day, Gang Ja discovers that her daughter became the target bullying and decides to help her. For that purpose, she sneaks into school in school uniform and pretends to be a student.




O A Ran
Park No A
Jo Gang Ja
Hong Sang Tae
O Jin Sang
Han Gong Ju


martial arts director
assistant director


26 Jun, 2015
Angry Mom manages to successfully do what very few shows can achieve: blending comedy with grim reality, all while keeping the characters and story rooted.

The premise of the show is inherently funny. You have a 30 something mother who goes back to play a high school, to her teenage daughter's mortification. And there's plenty of hijinks associated with the premise.

But the show also goes grim and dark, tackling bullying. No punches are pulled here, the reality of what harsh bullying and power abuse can result in is never held back. But the show expertly walks a fine line that keeps it from sinking too deep into the darkness but without shrinking how harsh reality is.

A definite recommend for any drama fan.
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07 Sep, 2015
Those Korean drama are about middle-aged women who return to school/college for different reasons. Both women are confronted with the real lives of their children in the progress.


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jessicarose 10 Jun, 2017
Jo Gang Ja and O A Ran were the only characters I liked in this drama... They were awesome even though Gang Ja is an absurd character. All the others were annoying AF and although the story wasn't bad, all the other characters ruined it for me...
stellybish 05 Feb, 2016
Bok Dong really was the best thing in this drama!!!
Once again a heavy high school concept butI liked how showed appreciation towards the mothers.
The final episode though... so much happened yet they left us hanging and it felt a bit rushed.
What's with the guy with white shoes? He's related to the new president that we know.
The book from 2005, what was so important about it?
Also... they mentioned a case related to a certain Mr. Choi? Same family name as the prosecutor.
It feels like they should've explained those things.
Also, Tae Se's mother - didn't like her! If you're so worried about your child, bring him with you!
Don't leave him in the hands of the monster...
cocci 13 Jan, 2016
I'm pretty sure the guy in white shoes is working for the new prime minister. Sang Bok helped him get elected in exchange for getting out of prison but he was a liability so it's implied that he had him killed at the end.

I really liked that show but not to the point that I would want to watch it again in the future. I didn't think the acting was all that good, especially Ji Hyun-woo. I really liked Jisoo though and I'm looking forward of seeing more of his work.
alexadm81 26 Nov, 2015
This was a really good drama with a strong subject but something was missing for me to rate it with a 5. The acting was more than amazing. Really interesting plot. 4/5.
ralphina 13 Sep, 2015
I was watching it, hoping it will get more fun and lighthearted. It's good, if you like depressing school and adult stuff. If you are looking for light fun drama, this isn't for you.
lekapontes 09 Aug, 2015
@jihye então eu pensei o mesmo. Mas quem exatamente é ele? Fiquei com uma duvida enorme. Eu adorei esse drama e espero mesmo que tenha uma nova temporada.
jihye 08 Aug, 2015
Great drama, I really like school drama and this one is very good and I'm glad that romance wasn't the main theme of the drama but the relationship of mother and daughter, between friends like School 2013
jihye 08 Aug, 2015
@lekapontes para mim ele é o cara que foi falar com o Presidente Hong assim que ele saiu da prisão mas quem ele é e o que faz fico em incógnita. Acho que talvez eles façam um segunda temporada para explorar isso.