ESC to close 2.46 (by 130 users)shaken baby! shakespeare syndrome
  • 2010
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized shaken baby! shakespeare syndrome
english Shaken Baby! Shakespeare Syndrome (literal)
aka sheiken baby! sheikusupia shindoroomu, しぇいけんbaby! シェイクスピア・シンドローム


genres comedy, school, friendship


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 04 Jan, 2010
episodes 1
duration 60 minutes
air day Monday
at 02:00 - 03:00
status released


avg. score 2.46 of 5 by 130 users
total users 320
rating 320



Odagaki Hiroshi is just an average second year student at Tomei university. One day, his girlfriend dumps him with the words, "you're boring because you're too normal". With the help of his classmate Sudou Shun, he joins the schools Shakespeare Research group, a group only consisting of strange people.


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Odagaki Hiroshi
Seo Sakurako
Yamaoka Ryuuta
Shima Eita
Arai Kaoruko
Umino Azusa




11 Oct, 2010
I watched this after reading the description. "Boring guy joins interesting club and hopes to change?" Possible character development, bonding, and laughs along the way? Sounds good, let's pop this jank in.

So, yeah! In the beginning, we spend about six minutes hearing redundant commentary on how boring Yamamoto's character is. In the moment, it seems like too much. Then you think about the fact you only have a little over forty minutes to get a whole story in.

After some screwy humor and wordplay, you notice that Yamamoto hasn't been on the screen for a while. Okay. Now it's Mizubata's character, an extremely passionate screwy guy... or something. That's alright... right? Then there's Sasaki, the newbie, and Sugimoto, the girl who wants to be the center of attention...

Well, in the end there end up being about four (arguably more) simultaneous storylines going on, which leaves them little time to develop. Then you consider that the jokes -- or rather, silliness most of the time -- takes even more time away from any story or character development, you feel shortchanged and annoyed. At least, I did.

I dunno, this one ended up being a mess for me. If they wanted to capitalize more on the humor, it could've been condensed to half the length and been better than it was. It could've expanded on the character development and been a few times longer. But for being the length it was, too much is being sloppily tossed into a package it can't fit in.
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angi 30 Jun, 2012
I think it could have been better if it would have been longer!
verinka 01 Jun, 2012
After watching it I was like: "What the he*l I've just watched".
yumichan86 29 Mar, 2012
I watched it because of Yamamoto Yusuke and Daito Shunsuke but it was a waste of time. It was really, really, really bad. There were no story at all and the normally good actors acted really bad in this.
roko 03 Mar, 2012
Wow this was just plain bad. There was no plot and way too many characters with not enough time to develop them. A waste of time.
d0npian0 25 Feb, 2012
I didn't expect it to be a piece of genius but it would've been nice if there was a real plot instead of tons of characters and random story parts stuck into less than an hour of screen time :/
sayitaintsojoe 21 Feb, 2012
I liked it! Where's the series???
saiko 18 Feb, 2012
Disaster. No plot, primitive jokes, and good actors acting so stiff like they where made from concrete. The only one thing I liked about it was the way Yamamoto Yuusuke pronounced the word 'bouken'. Completely wasted one hour of my life.
gova 14 Feb, 2012
finished with engsub (thanks to Renai fansub) .. soo random with some hentai ideas xD