ESC to close 3.66 (by 842 users)naemsaereul boneun sonyeo 냄새를 보는 소녀
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized naemsaereul boneun sonyeo
english Sensory Couple
literal The Girl Who Sees Smells
aka the girl who can see smell, sensitive couple

Based On

based on webcomic
title naemsaereul boneun sonyeo
author Man Chwi (만취)


genres comedy, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network SBS


date 01 Apr, 2015 - 21 May, 2015
episodes 16
duration 75 minutes
air day Wednesday, Thursday
at 22:00 - 23:15
status released


avg. score 3.66 of 5 by 842 users
total users 1361
rating 3085
favorites 18



Choe Mu Gak's sister is murdered by an unknown serial killer. Wanting to avenge her, he decides to become a policeman. Soon, he meets O Cho Rim, an aspiring comedienne, who was involved with the killer but as result of this traumatic experience has lost her memories of the event. However, in return, she has gained a special skill -- she can now see smells.

The two of them develop a special bond after Choe Mu Gak begins to help O Cho Rim with her work and she begins to help him with his.


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O Cho Rim
Choe Mu Gak
Detective Ye
Yeom Mi
Gwon Jae Hui
Cheon Baek Gyeong




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30 Jul, 2017
The Girl Who Sees Smells is a half detective half melodramatic story about two people connected by a misfortune. One of them may see smells, another does not feel any pain. It explains the second title of the dorama that is Sensitive Couple.

I gave the dorama a good mark. I did not like a love story at all because only of the one reason. It takes time from the detective storyline. Even a whole episode is dedicated to a wedding.

A detective story here is really great. A serial killer stamps his victims with QR codes. Isn't it cool? From the very beginning, it is not clear who a real murderer is. Around episode 14 I even thought it was one of the detectives. The story develops step by step and a viewer may easily solve cases with detectives.

There are also some drawbacks: incomplete comedian storyline, lack of father's story in last episodes. But the main question is still the same for me - how did the protagonist become a policeman? But of course, there are some positive issues as well - lots of Korean food, soju, Russian themes (my Russian soul is happy =)

Park Yu Cheon and Sin Se Gyeong acting are ok but not outstanding. Nam Gung Min turned out to be real good. A detective squad is also nice portrayed.

Sensitive Couple is a nice dorama if you seek for something serious and criminal but at the same time entertaining and light.
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06 Mar, 2016
Sensory Couple it's a great drama approaching good issues like pshycopaty and prosopagnosia. It also have some romance and investigation scenes and i guess that it was really good produced. Congrats to Shin Se Kyung, it was my first time to see her acting and i really appreciated her talent as actress. About Micky Park, he is really gorgeous, and the others chacacters worked really well. Sensory Couple it's on my favorite list, i loved it!
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06 Oct, 2015
Two police themed dramas which revolve around the main character using their special abilities to solve mysterious crimes.

11 Jul, 2015
After a sudden event in her life the female lead in both titles is gifted a power relating to her sense of smell, allowing her to uncover a person's secrets. She then decides to participate in investigations using her new skill. The 2015 title is about criminal investigations, while the 2008 is about love affairs.


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kiyoshi 28 Jun, 2018
I'm really disappointed.

This drama is really a typical average korean drama. For someone who never watched a Korean drama it's fine but for people who did ....

The storyline was so poor. Some moments were sooooo clichés (imaginary diseases, car accidents, memory loss,...), the romance was so forced, bad sense of humour, the police officers were absolutely ridiculous, characters reactions were sometimes no sense, Park Yu Cheon's acting ....

This could have been so much better.

marsherlin 21 May, 2016
@r0lan Not a psychology graduate, but a crime show buff and I totally agree with points 2 & 3! So curious. T_T
nessssbm 04 Mar, 2016
@r0lan - kind of late, but here are some:

I Hear Your Voice
Oh, My Ghost
Wild Romance
Prosecutor Princess
cocci 13 Jan, 2016
The start was pretty good but oh boy did it went downhill fast. I've never seen detectives being so stupid in any other tv-show. It was bordering on parody but no, they were taking themselves too seriously. And after the 4th time we have the same cliffhanger? Seriously, I don't know why I watched it until the end.
r0lan 28 Sep, 2015
For a randomly chosen Kdrama to watch, it was pretty good!
3/5 ^^

Only beef I had with it was...
1/ I thought the villain's (Chef Kwon) motive was a bit too weak. It's a classic psychopath trope. I guess I excepted more lmao

2/ His prosopagnosia diagnosis -- not really much backstory ?? (Unless it was a translation issue but this was my biggest beef with it all lmao).
As a psychology graduate I really wanted to know more why he was abused when he was younger to have been diagnosed with this condition. It was obvious he was already a psychopath, but I felt that if they made his backstory a bit more creycrey it would've made his death at the end a bit more... satisfying.

3/ How and why he chose his victims ?? Did I miss something from this ?
I know the reason why he's called the "barcode murder" it makes sense due to his diagnosis but like... neither of his victims have anything in common, so im curious how he chose them (exc Dr. Chun Baek Gyeong).

4/ I agree with earlier comments that the murderer was revealed too early. imo the drama could've ended at Episode 14, so I thought the last 2 episode were really unnecessary. Also because his MO went from murder psychopath to drastic bombing, I guess it just shows how he's devolving really, I just thought this was a bit out of place to end his... villainous reign.

5/ I honestly wished Chef Kwon killed Cho Rim in her wedding dress at the end, you know, spicing up Moo Gak's rage to kill Chef Kwon, but I guess I was wishing too much for such a fluffy kdrama huhu :P

Anyways, I tend to favor crime/mystery kdramas with fluffy romance like this, anyone got some recommendations to give me ? :D
nessssbm 06 Sep, 2015
i found this drama to be so.. funny.. i think i laughed out loud almost every episode. yoo chun's deadpan comedy got me every time. i knew he could be funny (sungkyoonhwan scandal, rooftop prince, banjun dramas), but he killed it in this... the whole plot and everything else going on was just so-so, but i could see myself re-watching this just to see shin sekyung whack yoochun in the head again to see if he feels pain. XD
somiboo 21 Jul, 2015
The characters are all pretty good, although the Dad...I don't know, something was off with his character. However the one character and actor that did stand out was Nam Gung Min/Gwon Jae Hui. Perfect for the role.
kirtil 13 Jun, 2015
the main couple was adorable. the villain was semi-intelligent compared to most kdramas where bad guys rely on the stupidity of the opponents. supporting cast was also ok.

on the flip side; the villain and the story was revealed too early and nothing other than the cuteness of the couple is left for us to watch for.

it was an average drama made good with good characterization and acting.