ESC to close 3.5 (by 2465 users)proposal daisakusen
  • 2007
  • TV
  • Japan

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romanized proposal daisakusen
english Operation Love
literal Proposal Mission
aka puropoozu daisakusen


genres life, romance, school, fantasy, friendship, time travel


language Japanese


country Japan
type real
format TV
network Fuji TV (フジテレビ)


date 16 Apr, 2007 - 25 Jun, 2007
episodes 11
duration 54 minutes
air day Monday
at 21:00 - 21:54
status released


avg. score 3.5 of 5 by 2465 users
total users 3647
rating 8619
favorites 168


proposal daisakusen special
2008 TV jp
proposal daejakjeon
2012 TV kr
qiu hun da zuo zhan
2017 TV ch


Iwase Ken and Yoshida Rei have been by each other's sides since elementary school, and it always seemed to be a given that they would end up together. Why then, Ken wonders to himself on Rei's wedding day, is he not the one sitting beside her? Looking back at his life with Rei and their friends, Mikio, Eri, and Tsuru through a wedding slideshow, Ken is filled with regret as he realizes how many mistakes he made -- and how many chances he missed to tell Rei his feelings. Wishing for nothing more than to go back and change it all, Ken is unprepared when a rather unconventional fairy appears and offers him the chance to do exactly that. Now given the opportunity to change his and Rei's fate, Ken must not only increase his presence in her heart, but deter her from falling for her future groom.




Iwase Ken
Yoshida Rei
Tada Tetsuya
Oku Eri
Enokido Mikio
Tsurumi Hisashi




24 Jan, 2012
I love this series. First of all, it's ridiculous. The first time I watched it (I watched it many times) I'd burst out laughing every time Hallelujah would start playing in the background, or when Ken did the stupid little Hallelujah Chance! routine. To this day I still think episode 2 is one of the funniest drama episodes I've ever seen, the whole coffee milk thing gets me every time.

Besides being funny, it's cheesy. But good cheesy. The ridiculous shenanigans Ken comes up with every time he goes back in time to try and please Rei are the epitome of cheese, but they're still touching. The graduation episode comes to mind. It was just so adorable.

Besides being funny and adorably cheesy, it gets you emotionally involved. Up to episode 5 everything's well, Ken goes back, finds out where he screwed up, fixes it, done. But starting from episode 6 everything starts to go awfully wrong, and it's just so frustrating it gets you shouting at the screen. Episode 6 had me so upset I had trouble sleeping afterwards, haha.

Something that can be annoying is Rei's behaviour - you eventually begin to notice that Ken's stupidity isn't all to blame for the whole situation. Rei is weak and decided to take the easy way out and then blames it on Ken. But I don't count this as a flaw, because it is addressed in the series and Rei eventually takes responsability, so to me the whole ordeal actually just adds to her character development.

While there might not be anything "legendary" or "ground-breaking" about this drama, I enjoy it every single time I watch it and always recommend it when I have a chance. It'll always be a favorite to me.
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19 Oct, 2012
At first, the main characters are best friends. A great part of the main story is the development of the relationship of the main characters, but there are also very important and good friends around them who add a lot to the story. In both, there is a certain event in the present to which the story switches back at every start or end of the episodes. If you didn't like Proposal Daisakusen for the time jumps and the fantasy elements, then you'll probably like Reply 1997, because that's the only thing that's missing there. Instead of time-jumping, they just show the story of the main characters. But in all other aspects, both stories give off the same feeling, show how precious friendship is, and what it's like to fall in love for the first time.

17 Oct, 2011
Both dramas are about friends and their lives and loves.


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sweetsuga 10 Mar, 2017
Um dos antigos bons (certamente um dos meus favoritos). Assistam, sim. Infelizmente, vai ser difícil achar os raws (eu vi uma versão subbada no youtube u.u)
vanityfull 20 Jul, 2015
omg, looking back at it I have no idea how I have managed to finish it lol well done me for giving it 2 stars.
nitachan 24 May, 2015
It isn't a masterpiece but it's one of those you will always remember :)
yurisama 18 Aug, 2013
A club about Leapt Through Time :3 Plz, share us what you know if you like that kind of stories! ^_^
samanthawoo 26 Dec, 2012
Honestly, was a bit boring, but it's meaningful!
dodi1d 25 Dec, 2012
this drama is a masterpeice!!!!!!! <3
i really liked it.. it's my favourite drama of yamapi :)
eileen8 20 Sep, 2012
I enjoyed it, but I think I'll watch the Korean version as many people say it is much better than Japanese one ;>
but still this series is good :) It wasn't boring at all, maybe because of YamaPi? :D I don't know... Still have a good memories with it :)
alexadm81 25 Aug, 2012
I actually liked this version more than the Korean one, the Korean was too long, it wasn't that boring...
I was sometimes really annoyed that just when Ken was ready to succeed, it was too late...Rei was sometimes annoying too, she was too selfish...

All in all, this time, the Japanese version was better, looking forward to the special...