ESC to close 3.9 (by 839 users)neoreul gieokhae 너를 기억해
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized neoreul gieokhae
english I Remember You
literal Remember You
aka hello monster, hello monseuteo, 헬로 몬스터


genres crime, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network KBS2


date 22 Jun, 2015 - 11 Aug, 2015
episodes 16
duration 70 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday
at 22:00 - 23:10
status released


avg. score 3.9 of 5 by 839 users
total users 1479
rating 3270
favorites 40



Without any actual memories of the past, Lee Hyeon decides to follow a mysterious anonymous letter back to Korea. The criminal profiler is determined to catch the murderer of his father and to find his little brother, hoping that the latter is still alive. Hyeon eventually joins the local special investigation unit around Cha Ji An, a police detective who seems to know the sharp tongued man a bit too well, although they are seemingly meeting for the first time.


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Lee Hyeon
Cha Ji An
Gang Eun Hyeok
Jeong Seon Ho
Choe Eun Bok
Son Myeong U




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alexadm81 04 Jan, 2018
I think the first episodes were a bit slow but then it became more and more interesting. The plot was really good but I think it could have been better in the first part of the drama. The acting was top notch from Seo In Guk, Choi Won Yeong and of course, Park Bo Gum! I never saw him in a drama before. His expressions were played effortlessly!

About the ending:

I wanted to see Lee Joon Hyeong getting caught. But at least Min did what had to do.

4/5 for a very different drama. Recommended.
tamayatz 04 Feb, 2017
Very good suspense. I think the one who shined the most in this was Choe Won Yeong and the mains felt like supporting actors. He is excellent villain indeed! There's not really romance so if that's what you're expecting you'll be disappointed. But if you are into crime then do watch this!
bhagwanti 20 Jan, 2016
Overall nice to watch, but good it's not rated as mystery, cause all the "secrets" were too obvious. KInda made me laugh when they "reveal"
who is Hyeon's brother and who is adult Jun Yeong
could guess all some time before. They didn't wait long to reveal things when they gave a "tip" though.

The other thing, to make Hyeon look smarter, they made others kinda stupid. Mean there were some moments when some obvious, normal things were showed as something smart. But overall, interesting.
alex3 19 Jan, 2016
ok i managed to finish it after saying i will drop lol
so... it wasn't so bad later on, the plot was somehow interesting BUT - the romance part really let me down, i didn't feel much development there :<
cocci 30 Dec, 2015
I didn’t really like the first episode and I only continued because I had heard only good things about this drama but oh boy am I glad I didn’t drop it! It’s got phenomenal acting, crazily realistic fight scenes, an intelligent police team and a really interesting foray into the depths of the human mind.

I had only seen Park Bo Gum in Nodame Cantabile but I must admit that he’s a true revelation for me. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have enjoyed I Remember You as much without him. He was literally riveting.

I seriously can’t believe that the second half of this drama was live-shoot. The last episode felt a bit rushed but otherwise they did a fantastic job.
sillysym 29 Nov, 2015
I loved Min. ¤♡♡♡♡♡♡¤

it was a nice drama to watch, the main couple was but the bromance aww i loved it
missfeelo 01 Nov, 2015
Much like @yuukari I also didn't feel the need to watch it after reading the synopsis but gave it a shot because of Seo In Gook, boy am I glad! I just finished watching this the other day and I'm stumped to what to watch next because it just left such an impression!

The acting is great, writing is captivating. It's light hearted when it needs to be yet still serious and cunning. The characters weren't cliched (well, not all of them anyway) and I really enjoyed the villains in this drama! I LOVE when writers and actors can make you love them, not love-hate them but understand their character, hate what they do but love them as characters. Am I even making any sense??

Also, it doesn't hurt that all the characters are easy on the eyes. If you didn't love Seo In Gook before you started, you'll end up loving him afterwards!

Solid 4/5 stars, IMO!
yuukari 30 Oct, 2015
Love it!
When I saw this drama's name and some short synopses before it aired, I didn't want to watch... but because of Inguk I give a try. Oh gosh how I'm glad with myself that I watched!

The plot was great, not just because I like crime/police dramas, but it's written very well in my opinion. Everything well thought and done.
Besides Inguk, I already knew Nara and Chunhee, but Bogum's acting was amazing (Bogum, I'm you fan~), as well as Wonyoung. Their roles were difficult to portrait in my vision, and they did it great!

The relationship between Hyun & Min was indeed so cute ♥
The romance in the story was good. Very close to real, nothing too much or forced.

That was okay to me.
What I could guess is, Lee Hyun is going to live his life the way he wants, not just following and trying to catch Jun Yeong. And he knows he'll be around him watching.
About Min... his choice was clearly not to run away from things he's done. Thinking about what happened with him in last 2 episodes, two theories were keep strong in my mind:
1) is that he choose to surrender and pay for his sins, then his brother would not be sad anymore and he could start again as Min, Hyun's little brother.
2) he disappeared to protect his brother. (which is contradictory with my previous comment)
but I dunno.. I really want to believe at my first theory, but it could be anything... they really leave that part opening..

Usually I don't comment about dramas I watched but this one I just fell like sharing some thoughts :)

Some points here and there and I give it