ESC to close 3.55 (by 410 users)guyeochin club 구여친클럽
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized guyeochin club
english Ex Girlfriend Club (literal)
aka ex-girlfriend club, ex-girlfriends club, ex-girlfriends' club, guyeochin keulleop


genres comedy, drama, romance


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network tvN


date 08 May, 2015 - 13 Jun, 2015
episodes 12
duration 75 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:30 - 21:45
status released


avg. score 3.55 of 5 by 410 users
total users 764
rating 1455
favorites 2



Kim Su Jin is a producer who is trying to buy the rights to adapt a webtoon that could carry her to the very top and save her failing agency. But with horror she discovers that the title is written by Bang Myeong Su, with whom she had a friendly relationship and one sided crush in the past.

Soon Kim Su Jin, wanting to win the artist's heart and talent, has to face not only a flock of filmmakers, who are armed with money and influence, but also an endless number of former partners of Bang Myeong who want him back, not necessarily because of his growing popularity.


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Bang Myeong Su
Kim Su Jin
Jang Hwa Yeong
Ra Ra
Na Ji A
Choe Ji Hun


singer, composer
singer, composer


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18 Jun, 2015
Ex Girlfriend Club is a fluffy, easy show that retains its comedy throughout but lacks any real substance.

The show starts off wacky, and is pretty over the top in a very anime-like fashion, which admittedly can be a bit of a turn off for some viewers. However the characters aren`t shallow, building depth as the show progresses and the jokes typically get you laughing quite a bit.

The plot is pretty thin and it`s pretty obvious there wasn`t enough to sustain a 16 episode run, making the cut down to 12 episodes a blessing in a sense. The story moves along, with some dragging, at a decent pace and the hijinks are enough to keep you entertained.

A great watch for relaxing days.
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seoltang 18 Jun, 2017
Ok, talvez eu termine isso pelo Byun Yo Han (mas apenas porque gosto de ficar olhando pra cara linda dele).
ilate 26 Aug, 2016
This drama wasn't anything special. I actually dropped it at first, but came back to it after finding out what a great actor Byun Yo Han is. Unfortunately, he remained the only reason I even finished this drama. There was only one likeable character - Choi Ji Hun.

Byun Yo Han was amazing tho. I just can't believe how talented this guy is!
silentscream93 23 Jul, 2016
At first I didn't think that I would like it this much...One day I watched the first episode... Then I watched all the other episodes in one day. ^^ This story was refreshing and really amusing. It was likeable for me that wasn't too much drama in this and sometimes I just couldn't stop laughing. My favorite character is Jo Gun, I totally liked his personality. :)
leviathan 13 May, 2016
This is first time that i watched a Korean drama with "harem" elements which is unique. (since there are a lot of reverse harem shows) and it wasn't bad!
alex3 17 Apr, 2016
It was kind of a refreshing plot line i think, and it was an easy watch :-) totally recommended when you have some time on your hands and need something light
good chemistry too
sillysym 15 Dec, 2015
It was very cute, i liked the plot and the acting ♡
vanityfull 11 Oct, 2015
Super funny, super realistic, super underrated.
With an amazing OST and great supporting characters. Too bad it was cut. I would love to see more of RaRa + Jo Gun scenes.

It never was a big scale drama to begin with, but I really don't understand why it had such low ratings...I guess fans nowadays are not into feel good dramas and more into makjangs.
bluediamonds 27 Aug, 2015
A very exciting, funny and sweet drama! I loved everything about it!
For those who still haven't watched it; I recommend it! :-)