ESC to close 3.76 (by 350 users)d day 디 데이
  • 2015
  • TV
  • Korea

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romanized d day
aka d-day, di dei, 디데이


genres drama, medical, disaster


language Korean


country Korea
type real
format TV
network JTBC


date 18 Sep, 2015 - 21 Nov, 2015
episodes 20
duration 75 minutes
air day Friday, Saturday
at 20:40 - 21:55
status released


avg. score 3.76 of 5 by 350 users
total users 703
rating 1315
favorites 12



The effects are catastrophic when a 6.5 magnitude earthquake hits Seoul. Buildings collapse, roads are blocked, rations and medical help are needed and people are more than desperate to save what's left of their lives.

In the midst of this natural disaster, two people continuously clash in a battle of moral values: Lee Hae Seong, a trauma surgeon at Mirae Hospital, and the director of said establishment, Park Geon.
Lee Hae Seong values every life and wants to save as many as possible, while Director Park wants to close down the hospital to save his reputation and prevent being sued in case something goes wrong with a patient.

Soon, Hae Seong finds himself pushed to his limits while he tries to manoeuvre between selfish higher ups, greedy politicians, the lives of his patients and the consequences of the disaster.




Lee Hae Seong
Jeong Ttol Mi
Han U Jin
Eun So Yul
Park Geon
An Dae Gil




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17 Mar, 2018
In both dramas, the medical teams have to deal with the aftermath of earthquakes and lack of resources.


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vanityfull 19 Nov, 2015
EP. 18 - ........why drama? WHY?

was there really a need to kill Hae Sung's baby brother? as if (my) his life wasn't hard enough. Drama, I will not forgive you for this. I WILL NOT. I never cry easily when watching dramas, but this episode...I had no tears left, they just wouldn't come out anymore...
thefreak 01 Nov, 2015
The only, biggest, problem I have with this show is the unoriginality of the antagonists: Their evil minds are running in circles, which ultimately leaves the plot to run in circles too. And that's happening for 10 episodes now. Though the external circumstances differ slightly - it's mother nature we're speaking of - the plotting and reacting of the characters nearly stays the same for the whole time because the patterns don't change:
Director Park wants to close the hospital -> Lee Hae Seong tries to stop him
Director Park prohibits surgeries/medical help - > Lee Hae Seong doesn't give a ****
Professor Han tries to interfere too -> Lee Hae Seong still doesn't give a ****

Writers, it's getting a little repetitive here~~
vanityfull 29 Oct, 2015
Ep. 11 - O_M_G This way too realistic. Don't think it's a bad thing.
leylachan 27 Oct, 2015
I guess it's ok
a bit cheesy
jessicarose 25 Oct, 2015
@vanityfull thank you for your response! I was really curious about this drama but I've seen some screenshots and I can't... :(
vanityfull 25 Oct, 2015
@jessicarose Hm...I am generally ok with seeing blood, so for me it was fine. But it does have a fair amount of surgeries and some blood spurting. I mean, it's a disaster medical drama.
jessicarose 25 Oct, 2015
I was wondering if this drama has a lot of surgeries and if you need a strong stomach to watch it. Anybody?
nimwoo 24 Oct, 2015
I think this drama is lacking some ~realism~.
I love Kim Young Kwang and actually he and Sungyeol are the reasons why I was anticipating it so much (and the teasers looked amazing, too) but I think there's something off. I mean, starting from the fact that the earthquake was 6.5 in Richter magnitude scale but there was only one aftershock (as for ep 9th) and it came 48 hours after? This is not possible at all. After such strong earthquake, aftershocks will take place minutes later, not 2 days.

Also, I think all the tragedy is too dramatic. I mean, there's one thing after another and the city was pretty much too destroyed. Of course the earthquake was very strong, but Seoul became a complete mess. And yes, that's the point of the drama but I still think it was way too exaggerated.

However, I love the love line. Hae Sung's personality is super nice and that wide and cheerful smile that categorizes Kim Young Kwang goes very well with Lee Hae Sung's personality. Jung Ddol Mi is one of the very few female leads that don't make me frustrated. She's strong and doesn't shut up in the middle of unfair situations. I love this. And the cast is overall good, although some characters do get on my nerves (Han Woo Jin, the hospital's director and that fatty doctor who left already). But as much as I like most characters, I have to say that some things in the whole plot of the drama are kinda off.