ESC to close 3.9 (by 217 users)wei wei yi xiao hen qing cheng 微微一笑很傾城
  • 2016
  • TV
  • China

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romanized wei wei yi xiao hen qing cheng
english Love O2O
aka just one smile is very alluring, a smile is beautiful, kiss me, fashion is a smile, a slight smile is very charming, mei mei yat siu han king sing, 微微一笑很倾城

Based On

based on book
title wei wei yi xiao hen qing cheng
author Gu Man (顧漫)


genres comedy, romance


language Mandarin


country China
type real
format TV
network JSTV1 (Jiangsu TV, 江苏卫视)


date 22 Aug, 2016 - 06 Sep, 2016
episodes 30
duration 55 minutes
air day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
at 19:30 - 21:20
status released


avg. score 3.9 of 5 by 217 users
total users 384
rating 847
favorites 10


wei wei yi xiao hen qing cheng
2016 film ch
same setting


Bei Wei Wei from the computer science department is an avid gamer. One day, to her surprise, she is asked to virtually marry the best player on her server. What Wei Wei doesn't know, however, is that he is her university's most admired student and game developer, Xiao Nai.




Xiao Nai
Bei Wei Wei
Zhao Er Xi
Yu Ban Shan
Qiu Yong Hou
Hao Mei


screenwriter, original creator


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12 Oct, 2016
Love O2O will absolutely not appeal to everyone, but if you're tired of all the makjang (overblown, overly dramatic) shows and are craving something simple and straightforward, look no further!

Some things that especially appealed to me were the relationships between the main characters and their friends. I loved Xiao Nai's no-nonsense and even aggressive style in pursuing his love. You could really see that this was a boy who fell head-over-heels for the girl. Watching how his facial expressions showed how captivated he was by all of Wei Wei's reactions had me captivated, as well. Plus, I can't help but like a smart girl-smart boy combination! And, as a non-gamer, I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into a game world. Seeing how game fallout affected the players' real lives was a good way to keep the game and real world scenes connected.

On the flip side, the level of gossip and backbiting in this show bordered on an overly direct and preachy after-school show style. Should you make up things about others? No. But, we don't need to put it on the wash and repeat cycle, either. Frankly, the writing felt a little lazy when it came to plot points, and many of the tropes were dropped too easily without much thought put into them. You barely got a taste of conflict before it was just swept under the carpet.

Technically, the show was shot well with excellent lighting and nice choices of wardrobe. But, did they have to emphasize how thin the main actress was? If that's her natural form, that's fine, but some of the short skirts and skorts made her look decidedly unhealthy. Also, the 3D and filming crews did a good job for the most part. There were only a few moments when I questioned their choices, such as some overly-creative and unfortunately unattractive angles and the use of a very unsteady handheld for a scene that definitely needed a stabilizer. Finally, the music seemed to follow the gaming theme a little too much. Even some of the background and effects music in the real world scenes were just midi synths, which didn't really fit once the game world was left behind.

Clearly, this show is not perfect, but I easily watched all 30 episodes in just 3 days. I was sad when I hit episode 28 and realized just 2 were left! Love O2O was fun and engaging, and I would happily watch it all over again just to look for the more subtle facial and body language cues of the main actors that I missed while reading subtitles. If you enjoy romantic comedy, then I seriously doubt you'll be disappointed. ^^
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ally 08 Oct, 2017
The relationship in this drama is a breath of fresh air amongst other romance dramas. They cleared all of their misunderstadings TALKING with each other, not paying attention to rumors and jealous people. But.. it was a bit too perfect. Wei Wei and Xiao Nai were like robots. They never fighted, had any discussions or disagreements. Tbh, I think Wei Wei didn't provided anything to their relationship. Xiao Nai basically decided everything for her (even at the kisses... she NEVER kissed back.. He might as well kiss a wall and the reaction would've been the same).
What I did liked about her is that she was intelligent, not your typical dumb girl.. Good for you Wei Wei, but I wished you had more ambitions tho, rather than jus being Xiao Nai's girlfriend, but not everyone can be perfect... right?

Oh, and this drama had sooo much karma served you right.. it was so stressful and satisfaying to watch at the same time!
irresi 26 Sep, 2017
I liked it a lot, but in my opinion it was a bit too long. Loved an unusual story, both main characters were just perfect. There was chemistry between them but still I think they didn't express their feelings much (maybe it's just cultural difference xD)
frannam 20 Mar, 2017
Gostei muito no geral, mas não vi toda essa química dos protagonistas e algumas vezes fiquei com a impressão de que ambos estavam perdidos em cena. Prefiro a química dos atores do filme, que também atuaram bem melhor, teria sido perfeito se eles tivessem feito o casal do drama.
jihye 22 Jan, 2017
Apesar do casal principal ser fofo eu achei que eles poderiam dar espaço para os personagens secundários pq são 30 ep focados na maior parte só entre os dois, KO e Mei são fofos tbm e as amigas da prota eu terminei o drama sem conhece las direito o que é uma penas. Acho que minha cena preferida é quando a prota pergunta pro Mei pq ele se sente orgulho de ter alguem elogiando o KO e ele responde que não é da conta dela kkk melhor cena.
beeesseoul 08 Nov, 2016
Also this drama is a good example of an easygoing drama that can still be entertaining without all the melodrama and conflict, I really enjoyed it because of that can't really ignored the mostly terrible acting...
mylagliter 28 Sep, 2016
Adorable characters,
Wei Wei and Xiao Nai are cute together,
and I liked the fact of Wei Wei be smart, resolute and unswerving, nothing like the typical female leads dumb and manipulable.

I feel bad for Er Xi because Cao Guang is a asshole!

The game "A Chinese Ghost Story" looks like World of Warcraft.
I had the same good feelings of my time playing WoW...
yurisa1245 17 Sep, 2016
I really liked it. This drama had some awesome relationships in it, especially the friendships. I liked it that the "bad guys" didn't succeed even a little in breaking up a realtionship in this drama, even though they tried. I was expecting the drama clishees with lots of misunderstandings but I was pleasantly surprised.
I was really hooked in the beginning but the middle started to drag, there i started skip watching a bit. In the last strectch I found the drama more interesting again.
I liked that they used the game scenes, It was something fresh and innovative. (Even though it started to annoy me in later episodes when I just wanted the story to move forward).
The romance was a bit too cheesy for my taste but they were really cute together.
cleciane 14 Sep, 2016
Saudades :(